Saturday, August 17, 2002

Hi all...gud evening..

just got home (from arcade again...)
anywayz... on monday we'll start programming again... was a good thing i got the simple module (bunutan lang... mabait tlga si God hihihi).. since yesterday, we have been trying to understand the project template given to us... it's really hard cause when i program, i usually have my own style of doing it.. but because of the template.. we're forced to have almost uniform codes and work as a team... plus the template's pretty complicated... i promised myself to study it again this weekend... cause i can't really afford not keep up with my batchmates... and i don't want to look like i don't have a clue on what we're doing... ( short... ayokong maBISTO na ako'y nagpapanggap lang na marunong hehe)

tulog ko na lng toh..
bye all!

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