Wednesday, August 28, 2002

System Time: 1:16 PM
...Hi all!.. was finally given another module to work on.. haven't yet finished it...

...nasira headphones ko huhuhu.. napigtas ko LoL! jologs kasi demmit.. bought this very cheap headphones (mas jologs puh sa jologs?) just to suffice my need for music... the reason why i'm blogging and not doing the new module is that i'm at a complete loss; (without an answer, wedged, stucked.. ano pa buh.. stumped!) gaaaaaH.. don't know how to do this particular form requirement...

/me stares at breakpoint

...brought a soft copy of Return of the King.. another way to kill time if ever another "lull" occurs in our schedule... (or when i'm stuck with a program, like today :รพ)

..hay.. magbabasa na nga lang muna ako..

System Time: 3:11 PM
.. turns out that what i've been doing is correct.. so now i'm finished with the module... continued reading LOTR.. (think i'm getting sleepier by the minute.. zZzzzzzZ)

System Time: 4:06 PM
...nuninuni-nuninuninuninu *twiddles thumbs*

System Time: 5:32 PM
..has been pretending for an hour...(puts on the programmer-at-work face) /me squints on monitor.. presses F8..debug..debug.. squints again.. takes a peak at system time..demmit, hasn't moved.. LoL LAST Eboy texted me.. la lang..haven't heard from her for a while...any sign of LIFE is greatly appreciated

..speaking of non-communicating (endangered) friends... still haven't heard from PC.. i don't know what i've been expecting but i'm sure it isn't this,.. NOTHINGNESS (?)... life really is unfair... it has always been easier for other people to forget about me than i do to them.. ERGO: i'm such a forgettable person ... hayy paksowatnangalang!

before i get carried away in this depressing topic.. /me peeks at System Time.. yeeeeeishhh 5:55 PM.. i plan to leave at exactly 6 PM... la lang.. think i'm getting dizzy staring at my monitor..

bye bye byeee

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