Saturday, August 03, 2002

hihilo ako kakaTV LOL

pretty boring day... just stayed at home... didn't even go to the EB at ust... didn't even attempt to ask permission for that cause i knew (for sure) that my dad won't let me go... my dad already bought me a new hd for my notebook... i'm planning on selling my notebook after it's fixed... i've realized that i really don't need one and it's pretty expensive to maintain.. (what if the hd crashes again... would that mean that i would have to buy a new hd again?) .. plus.. i'm thinking of buying a gaming console... still haven't decided which console though... i'm not much of a gamer, actually... all i want to have is a drummania at home... LOL... or a dance² revo pad (double LOL)

/me hihilo na rin ata sa tapat ng monitor

God, I need a sim. hehehe.(am still disconnected... i plan to ask my dad to lend me some money so i could pay my phone balance next week)

gud nite all ^_^

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