Saturday, August 24, 2002

hayyyy just got home from the event

as expected i got the "TANG-ina mo sissssssssss nagpakita ka!!" and the "who? di kita nakikita".. "PI CHapter?" LOL! hahaaaay.. but it was okay 'cause i got to see most of my batchmates again...i can't remember when i last saw them.. i left at around 9:30 pm... i even met a chartered member (the pioneers)!
they say that this year was the biggest turnout so far..( i wouldn't know.. it was my first time.. :p) i must have shook hands more than 50 times.. Ma'am Belle was there, of course... she's really the main reason why i went... but no regrets ... i'm happy that i saw them again and met my brads and sis..from batch 60s to 2002!


/me sleeping time nite ^_^

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