Wednesday, September 29, 2004

...lang wentang araw

System Time: 1:11 PM
arrggh i'm so sleepy. i just woke up from my 40 minute nap time..(it's only supposed to be 30 minutes but i didn't wake up..) it's also so freakingly cold *brrr*

/me listens to some dance music

ooohh babyy, music sounds better with youuuu

i forgot to add in my "miss list" the folder of DANCE music that seemingly evaporated from my harddisk.. huhuhu.. i had bomfunc mcs there, darude, disco music.. and it all just disappeared.. *sighs* but at least i found some mp3 and it contains some dance music that i listen to back when i was in college (chemical brothers, Maarja, Madison Avenue, etc)..

while i was in the shuttle, i heard the jingle of san miguel's "octoberfest" waaah.. lapit na pala.. october fest na!! bilis ng panahon.. and 1 year na pala ako naka-assign sa Prumerica.. /me kanta *parang kailan!* napag-usapan nga rin namin kahapon ni Suzette yun, isang araw lang kasi ang lamang ko sa kanya, na next week eh 1 year na kami dito.. patigasan daw kami, lol..

System Time: 1:30 PM
Ma'am M's not here (she's in Divisoria, buying some stuff for Prumerica's charity work on saturday), so's Sir Joel (have no idea where he is, probably just having a late lunch).. good news for least i could blog.. ei, last night Raymond and I ate dinner at SoulFood and they have great comes with guacamole, sour cream, salsa, corn, java rice, and other stuff i didn't recognize hehe.. i was able to fool Raymond into eating a jalapeno pepper HEHE..
"pickles yan! sige try mo" haha! katawa, sabay dinura nya hahaahahah.. love you pangsss jk laaang..

System Time: 1:39 PM
currently listening to Lenny Kravitz.. I belong to you..

I belong to you
I belong to you
And you, you
You belong to me too
You make my life complete
You make me feel so sweet


haay dapat makapuntang quiapo at mamirata ng cd.. hehe..

System Time: 3:58 PM
just met Miss Annie, Tita Cora's (my agent at sunlife) secretary.. Tita cora gave me some freebies! there's some kind of pencil holder and a shopping bag.. cool! i love free stuff! hehe! thanks, tita cora!

System Time: 5:02 PM
waah kate just emailed a price list of Maybelline and Loreal stuff that have discounts as high as 50%! i knoooow i'm in tipid mode but gaah i'm going to buy it anyway so why not buy it now when the price is lower, right? (NOD NAMAN DYAN!) hehe..
i ordered the Maybelline Express makeup (from 589 bucks to only 300!) and Loreal Ideal Balance (889 to 500)..good deal, right?

System Time: 5:22 PM
alis na ko.. it looks like its raining.. demmit.. bye all!

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