Sunday, October 03, 2004 so happy!!!

i'm currently listening to Ben Jelen's Come on.. waaahh finally i'm downloading mp3s again.. also downloaded Damien Rice's Cannonball.. waaah.. it's bliss. hihihi. i love Ben Jelen... waahaha..

been pretty productive today... finished some of the new instructions by Clive (from EQ Group)...

*waah i love ben jelen! can't believe i can listen to Come On anytime i want!! bwahahaha ang babaw ko!*

anyway, it's been a looong and craaaazy weekend for me.. too crazy, in fact, for this blog!. yep, that's right... i keep this blog for one reason alone, for me to be able to remember and read about my escapades, boring days, happy days, crazy days, etc.. but what happened last thursday.. i don't think there's a need to journalize it. believe me, i won't be forgetting that anytime soon.


but still, i have my pangs.. and i'm sooo grateful that he's always by my side.. i love you raymond. >:D< ILYMP!

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