Friday, September 17, 2004


System Time: 9:09 AM
bought a 256 mb MMC for my phone yesterday! woohoo! already transferred some of my mp3s.. currently listening to Badly Drawn Boy - Disillusion.. it's still my old mp3s for i haven't had the chance to download anything new.. but at least i've got music to wake me music always makes the time go faster, hehe..

Raymond and Mario have their workstations are now located on a separate sad.. mabuhay ang net send! lol!

was able to talk to Ate cha at YM last night.. God, i love her.. she's really understands me and my situation..labyu ate cha! *mwah*

natawa pa ako sa sinabi nya about the chemistry ek ek.. ndi ko na babanggitin, baka maging masama na naman ako!

>:D< to ate cha!

System Time: 9:23 AM
waaah MYN! demmit, talagang hinihiwalay tayo ng IT! bwahaha! siyet sila!

..currently listening to Send the Pain Below by Chevelle.. namiss ko toh,.. my old mp3s.. really happy i could listen to them anytime now..

*headbangs, lol* waah gusto ko na ng drumset talagaaaaa.. called up Chipper yesterday and asked him if he wants to play again on Radix' Christmas party..he agreed and named some songs that we could play.. Hoobastank's the Reason, Maroon 5's This Love and Where is the Love by Black Eyed Peas.. we're still debating the 3rd one, 'cause i want to play Let's Get it Started/Let's Get retarded (whatever!) instead..

hmm..anyway, i might go to Libis later after work.. just to meet somebody.. i'll probably urge my sister to go there as well so i could get a ride home..

System Time: 9:51 AM
currently listening to Demons by Guster.. waah, i missed this song. as in. sooo good to hear it again.

when i speak i cross my fingers, will you know you've been deceived, i find the need to be the demon, i demon cannot be hurt...

/me kanta instrumental, lol

System Time: 9:55 AM
waaah favorite song ko!
Sick of Myself by Matthew Sweet!

*ehem ehem*

you don't know, how you move me, deconstruct me and consume me.. i'm all used up, i'm out of luck, i am starstruck.. but there's something in your eyes that's keeping my hope alive!

/me is happy. :)

music and my pangs. what more can i ask for? (errr..pera? lol!)

ay meh ikukwento pala ako.. sweet daw ako sabi ni Raymond? LOL! sweet? me? 'cause i asked him if he was like that (sweet) to his former girlfriends.. tas he asked me the same question.. so i was like.."i'm sweet?" lol! la pa atang nagsasabi saken nun. harharhar.

MYN! tagal mag 11 para kain na tayu :(

System Time: 10:25 AM
still copying mp3s to my MMC..hanggang 58 songs lng nakopya sad.

System Time: 11:16 AM
lunch out kami!

System Time: 1:20 PM
i have SR-71's Tomorrow blasting in my headset but i still feel my eyes drooping.. siyeet am so sleepy.. -_-

System Time: 1:29 PM
ano ba yann pumipikit na lng bigla yung mga mata ko. huhuh. -_-

System Time: 1:49 PM
oh yeah, Mario knows about us. I kinda blurted it out to him while we were having lunch.. AND he WAS in tagaytay on that day too.. olats! deny deny pa kasi! i knew it was too much of a coincidence.. hinihingi na nga namin ni Raymond yung picture namin (we saw someone taking a picture of us, remember?).. ayun, umamin din kanina sa wakas! anyway, di ako mashado tiwala keh Mario pala! lol! alang loyalty samen, olats. ayaw pang sabihin yung mga pinag usapan nila nina Ate pretz and Sir Felix.. *sighs*.. bahala siya!

*headbang nalang.. currently listening to Incubus' Megalomaniac

work muna, brb.

System Time: 2:41 PM
Sir J's somewhere on a meeting, so i'm kinda free to blog all i want.. currently listening Black Eyed Peas' Let's get Retarded (RETARDED ok!)
ganda pala.. i mean, ngayon ko lang tlga siya napakinggan.. medyo mahirap yung drums.. di ko maintindihan yung verse part.. pero aliw over-all! sana magawa namin hehe..

hmm. /me pigil sumayaw sa upuan. lol!

System Time: 2:51 PM
langyang Mario toh.. nag netsend saken
"kaya pala yung mga mata mo namumungay uh"
me: "anong ibig sabihin ng namumungay?"
yomars: "yung pakislap-kislap"
me: "lol!"
yomars: "your eyes are twinkling like stars"
me: "ahaha keh korneh!"
yomars: "salawahan!"

sows *sapok mario* ang sabihin mo, slow ka lang talaga! eh araw-araw ka naming kasama eh.. kung hindi mo pa kami nakita sa tagaytay, i'm sure, you would still have no idea what was going on, hehe!

System Time: 2:58 PM
*senti mode*
currently listening to Edwin Mccain's I could Not Ask for More

i found all i'm waiting for.. and i could not ask for more...looking in your eyes, seeing all i need.. everything you are, is everything to me.. these are the moments i know heaven must exist.. these are the moments i know all i need is this.. i have all i'm waiting for.. and i could not ask for more..

(i need new love songs hehe.. parang umuulit lang ako sa bawat relationship na napapasukan ko, LOL!)

MNK! break time na!

System Time: 3:07 PM
oops.. after 20 minutes pa daw.. olats.. naguilty tuloy ako kasi hindi ako nagtatrabaho lol..

uy narinig ko na naman tong By Heart na kanta.. originally, kanta ko toh keh PC.. tas naging keh Dex.. lol.. tungkol kasi sa parang lovers na nagkahiwalay..

"until the stars fall from the sky, until i find the reason why, and darling as the years go by.. until there's no tears left to cry, until the angels close my eyes.. and even if we're worlds apart, i'll find my way back to you, by heart.."

pero tanong saken ni ate cha kagabi..pano na si PC? si Art?
lol! sabi ko nga..
"nawala lahat ng mga crush-crushan ko!" lol! this is so NOT me! ako pa, sandamakmak crush ko hehe.. ewan.. arggh.. basta hehehe.. nawala eh. di ko rin maexplain hehe. basta ganon eh!

onga pala.. congrats to kuyuh Art for passing the MedTech board exam.. ang galing! idol na kita! *hugs*

System Time: 3:21 PM
ang tagal! gusto ko na magyosi!
tapusin ko lang tong kanta tas magyayaya ulit ako..

System Time: 4:17 PM
am leaving in an hour.. (or rather, attempt to leave, if Ma'am M permits) .. already texted Ate Ging and she said she's going home early.. awww.. so i guess i'll just have to leave Libis early..(gaah, daig ko pa talaga si Cinderella!)

post ko na rin tong walang kwentang blog which just showcases my laziness at work. hehe. bye all! papasok ako bukas eh huhuhuh. mageencode kasi si Sir Bambam sa ginawa kong system..

System Time: 4:59 PM
bye all! MNMNMNK!

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