Monday, September 20, 2004

..."more work?" ala warcraft

System Time: 8:30 AM
my Mom texted me and told me to call Jul ASAP regarding their website.. arrghh.. i've been delaying that project for months and i now have to REALLY do it 'cause they need it already.. Jul said he needs it up and running on the 2nd week of July and for us to meet this Sunday for me to show the initial layout..

topak pa naman yung modem ko, ndi ako makapagonline.. *sighs*

anyway, while i was at sta.lucia last Sunday, i got a call from dex..
me: oh, mi..
dex: hello mi, meh gustong kumausap sayu..
me: ha? ahh ok
woman: hello? hello? bakit hindi ka sumama keh dexter?
me: haa.. po? ay, sino po ito?
woman: ako ang nanay ni dexter.. sana sumama ka keh dexter (or something like that, ndi ko na maalala mashado)
me: ay andito po ba kayo?
woman: ay hindi, andito kami sa Talaga, sa Argao.. akala ko kasama ka ni dexter dito.. bakit hindi ka sumama?
me: ay kasi po ang dami pong trabaho, hindi po ako makapag leave..
nanay ni dex:ay ganon ba, sayang..
(then she talked about some stuff i couldn't understand.. something about kids? lol! i really don't know.. hehe.. parang she was asking kung maraming bata sa bahay? ahh ewan)
nanay ni dex: oh sige, eto na si dexter
dex: hello
me: kailan ka dumating dyan?
dex: kanina, mga 7
me: ahh ok. alam na ba nila?
dex: ay sige, babay na..
me: but eventually they'll know, right?
dex: sige mi, babay na..

i just ended the call. haaaaaay. i think he also said that when he got there, his mother was asking, "asan si gretchen? bakit hindi mo sinama?" i haven't met them, his folks.. i didn't realize that they KNEW me..(or my name) but, i just wished dex just told them that we're not together anymore.. it'll be unexpected, i'm sure, but it's better than prolonging the lie.. then there was this question that he misunderstood.. i asked "kelan ka dumating" and he said "hindi na".. then i repeated my question and he said "ahh. kaninang 7".. so i guess he means that he's never going back to Manila again.. in a way i feel relieved.. i guess he'll just have to do what he has to do to help him move on.. and i think it's best if he's surrounded by his family... but i'm also a bit angry.. what's the point of talking to his mother? he just keeps on laying the guilt on me.. i'm to blame for everything.. his unhappiness, his unemployment,.. arrrgggh. it's not working, i don't feel guilty anymore..he knows EVERYTHING.. every single bad thing i've done but still, he chooses to hold on... so bahala siya. it's HIS life he's wasting.

System Time: 9:05 AM
had a Smallville marathon last night, think i watched episodes 8-13 from season 3.. it was only past 10 when i finished the 13th episode but i was already experiencing the early signs of a migraine from watching too much TV so i decided to stop.. anyway, my jaw si KILLING me.. it hurts soo much.. i can't even speak without aligning my jaw first (lol! basta, it's pretty complicated..).. i can't eat properly, i can't speak.. and the simple task of puffing a cigarette has become arduous to say the least.. i can feel my upper jaw grinding to my lower jaw when i open and close my mouth.. waah the painnnn lol

System Time: 9:37 AM
waaah andito si Ma'am M.. HUHHU. now i REALLY have to work. lol! siyet. sige post ko na toh.. babayy!

System Time: 10:52 AM
ano ba yannnnn bakit ba ako hindi nagtatrabaho.. am forever stuck in the saving module of my program.. my deadline to finish the WHOLE entry-level is at the end of this month and i still am only half-through with it.. i only have 9 working days left.. gaaah! i just can't seem to get in the mood.. and i can't think! waah. andito pa si Ma'am M buti nga hindi pa ako kinakamusta eh.. huhuhu.. *untog ulo sa pader*

System Time: 11:04 AM
after lunch talaga, swear! magtatrabaho na ko.. wahahaha.

ei. were you guys able to watch the amazing race when the pitstop was here in Manila? it was soo funny watching Colin run after his carabao .. he even cried out "my ox is broken!" DAAAH. tongks! his partner, Christie wasn't any help 'cause she was just at the sidelines watching Colin get frustrated by the second.. i want to kick her to get her to help Colin guide the carabao.. the other teams instinctively plowed the field together, i don't what's wrong with Colin and Christie, maybe they were really panicky 'cause they were the last team to perform that roadblock..

lunch time! brb.

System Time: 4:36 PM
waaah saya sayaaa! i was able to find mp3s of the OST of Twin Sisters and am now listening to them.. waahaha! of course, i don't understand a single word (most are mandarin, plus there's one japanese song) but i don't care! sa daming beses ko naman siyang mapakinggan, you just learn to appreciate it even without understanding it..

/me hapi hapi HEHE. maiinggit si ate chary nito bwahahah (and si heidi! LOL! missyu heids!)

System Time: 4:51 PM
hihihi. kinikilig ako kasi naririnig ko boses ni Wallace Huo LOL!.. currently listening to Somebody, one of the songs in Twin Sisters sung by Wallace.. hihihi ^_^

System Time: 4:56 PM
gusto ko ng umuwi! at manood ng Twin Sisters! lol! babay! post ko na ulit toh!


ilymp! mnk!

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