Thursday, September 09, 2004

...happy birthday ate ging!

System Time: 10:43 AM
waaaah. MYN!!! =(

System Time: 10:44 AM
it's ate ging's birthday today.. (yep, keberdei nya si Mama Mary) i already gave her my gift last week.. it's a JET LAG BAG set i bought at Beauty Bar.. to help her when she goes to the states next month..

yesterday, i went to Rustans to check out if they have the Origins pressed powder that i want.. as expected, they still don't have it but the sales lady said it'll be available on the 3rd week of September.. so i was feeling a bit dejected so i checked out the Clarins counter.. wahaha.. i bought the Anti-Matte morning gel, the Evening gel, the toner and a pressed powder. (just don't ask how much i spent. waah. even I don't want to recall) it was instant gratification, hehe. i plan on buying a clinique perfume, not sure if i want the "Happy" or the "Heart".. my 212 (C.Herrera) is almost empty.. the MAC palettes are overly expensive, btw.. 2,500 bucks for each palette.. (grr!) anyway..i'll probably buy the Smashbox palette, it's 2700 but at least it has both eyeshadow and lipcolor..kewl din yung lalagyan..parang sliding yung sa 2nd level tas meh basement level. LOL! (syempre ako lng nakagets nun)
basta okay siya!

System Time: 1:53 PM
went to mass around lunch time.. i actually went to mass 'cause dex called me up last night and reminded me to go... he called me using my old phone.. lagi nya palang binabasa blog ko, even using my own words kagabi..

hi mi.. dibuh nagbabasa ka ng Libre? nabasa mo ba yung "Dear Joe" section? if you don't want to listen to me, yung advice na lang ni Joe dun sa letter sender ang intindihin mo.. i'm really sorry for hurting you.. PLEASE, don't wait for me...i sincerely hope you'll learn to let go and move on..tsaka please, please, take care of yourself..hindi po katapusan ng mundo dahil wala naman akong kwentang tao..please, mi.. tulungan mo rin yung sarili mo..

System Time: 2:36 PM
ate ging's gonna treat us dinner so i'm going to Eastwood later after work..yey!

System Time: 3:47 PM
i'm just waiting for 5 pm. *sighs* keh tagaaaal demmit.

System Time: 5:30 PM
gaah ngayun pa lng ako aalis. bye all!

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