Wednesday, September 22, 2004


System Time: 9:11 AM
copied pangs' mp3s.. currently listening to I Alone by Live..

how many times have i mentioned in this blog's history that i'm currently listening to this's one of my fave songs of all time..

gaah.. i need to be productive today! everybody's working except me!

System Time: 9:19 AM
sir Tony saw the pack of cigarettes on my desk and he said
"umagang-umaga uh!"
me: "breakfast, sir eh"
sir t:"meh mentos pa! bakit, meh hinahalikan ka ba pagkatapos?"
me: *tawa muna* "hindi po, para ndi ko malasahan yung yosi"

LOL! ano ba yun!! napaisip tuloy ako hehehe.. nakita nya kaya kami? lol! arggh ewan, paranoid lang siguro talaga ako..

System Time: 2:21 PM
IT people are in a meeting.. i feel freeee yehey! lol!

/me kanta

And every time I close my eyes
I thank the lord that I’ve got you
And you’ve got me too
And every time I think of it
I pinch myself ’cause
I don’t believe it’s true
That someone like you
Loves me too

tamang tama diba? ayan, it's the first time i sang that song for someone! ILYMNKP!

System Time: 2:46 PM
ohmygod. i just received my latest credit card billing statement.. and it's harsh.. i'm not telling how much it is, but let me just say that i've created a personal record for the highest amount due in one statement ever! lol! my heart kinda stopped beating for about 5 seconds when i saw the "Amount due" box.. bwahahaha.. dapat rumaket, mah gas!.. i skimmed through the items and i can't believe i've spent so much in so little time.. (the killer was the clarins products, though.. as in MURDERED, BUTCHERED, etc, etc, lol!) *sighs* i better start leaving my cc at home. taenangyan.

System Time: 2:53 PM
can't believe i'm becoming a Rebecca! you know, Rebecca Bloomwood from Shopaholic.. hmm.. gosh, dami ko pa namang babayaran! well, there goes my savings! (as if meron! taenuuhh)

System Time: 2:55 PM
/me tago credit card statement sa pinakailalim ng bag.

kain na lang ako spageti. it's free and fattening. yey!

System Time: 3:02 PM
i texted my sister ate ging bout my billing statement:
me: you wouldn't believe my latest credit card statement...huhuhu
ate ging: im sure ul feel bettr wen u c mine

LOL! i'm suuure!

akk meh kahabol!

ate ging: But thn again i earn twice as much

waaah, okey na sana eh! now i feel depressed. /me mukmok sa tabi

i better start pay the my bills.. yey tapos na magprint yung pinapaprint ni Sir Phil! brb!

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