Saturday, September 18, 2004

...uwian na!

System Time: 1:23 PM
am here at the office! doing nothing but listening to Music and reading the transcripts of Gilmore Girls, season 4.. i sort of missed Lorelai and Rory, so i'm trying to catch up.. anyway, last night we went to Eastwood and i met Raymond's friend, Mai.. also met Roni and she gave me the invites for her Wedding.. (i am NOT giving one to Eboy, i'll give Eboy's invite to Anshe and SHE'LL be the one to give it to her!) i'm supposed to be working on my code, but as usual, am not in the mood to do it. chet! bahala na sa Lunes! gaaah. dapat talaga maka-isip na ng bagong raket! taena..

one week na kami ni pangs kahapon! *MWAH*

actually, we've been going out for about 3 weeks now, since the memorable august 27th.. so that's how long i've been delaying my workload.. lol.. bad influence, amputs.. LOL JK! i'm still super excited whenever i see him.. it's been such a long time since i felt this way, parang highschool! arrrghhh.. conscious parin, kinikilig (LOL!).. takte, kinikilig lang ako pag nakikita ko si Ken Zhu eh! LOL! whoever said that love must be comfortable should go back to studying it 'cause you definitely have to have passion in a relationship.. life's too short for it to be boring.. you can quote me on that! LOL!

System Time: 4:05 PM
ALIS NA KAMI!!! binibilangan na ako ni raymond olats!

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