Wednesday, September 15, 2004


System Time: 10:30 PM at home, i can't really blog that much in the office for i'm already extremeeely delayed in my project deadlines.. there's nothing much to tell, just that i saw dex this morning..God, he's so thin! i guess to other people that doesn't sound good, but i really think that "thin" suits him better.. we didn't talk that much, i can't really expect that much from him... i completely understand it now, that at the moment, it's better if we don't see or talk to each other... it's like pouring salt to an open wound (or something like that,lol) ..think it even made the situation much worse, if that is even possible.. para na akong sirang plaka, i know, but i REALLY just want him to be okay..

ANYWAY, wait.. online si raymond. hehe.. maya na!

babayyyyyyyyyyyyyy MNK!

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