Monday, June 30, 2003

System Time: 9:46 AM
..hay. superrr sleypi. -_-
/me stares@Ken. got a very cheesy F4 paperbag. hihihi. bat buuh? fan ako, eh lol!

..was able to meet my HS friends last saturday.. we went to figaro and i treated them with some coffee and cake..(a long overdue libre..tsalap ng vanilla frost, btw) had a great time..we were laughing most of the time.. made wento as to what was happening in our lives.. as Jing said, it was good that we met for no reason other than to make chika.. last time we saw each other was at Katrina's wake, our kabarkada. hmm..

/me stares at Ken again. gwapu. lol!

actually, haven't decided whom of the 4 i really, really like. i like all their characters in MG. i like F4 and MG period. ^_^

..i'm supposed to be programming, but i'm still so sleepy i can't even think straight.. i've read the specs again and it seems easy enough.. i'll probably able to finish it today or early morning tomorrow (the latest).. this form's deadline is still on the 2nd.. chet, july na. la lang.. mag 1 year nuh ako dito sa radix sa july 22. meh increase kami. yey.

System Time: 10:00 AM
..hay sori, but i really need a smoke. -_-

System Time: 1:41 PM
..woohoooooo! found meteor garden 2 summaries!!! will read them now..

System Time: 1:55 PM
..wokey.. am getting sleypi again -_-

..btw.. lost my wallet.. dunno exactly where but i think it was in the movie house.. good thing was there was basically no money in it.. but everything else important is.. my atm card, company id, pc warranty, cellphone receipt, and most importantly.. dex' picture waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. kainishhh. kainish tlga. my one and only grad pic was also there. demmit.hay. think i lost it while watching Charlie's Angels 2. haay.

System time: 6:11 PM
..have to go now.. koji will go with me and help me move the harddisks in my PC.. bye all!

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