Monday, June 23, 2003

System Time: 8:41 AM
...finished HP buk 5 last night.. hmm.. ok. i'm disappointed. i guess i had very high expectations.. thought it would be action-packed, with a lot of duels 'cause Voldemort's back.. turns out that Voldemort's plans are just starting.. and most of the wizards are still not convinced that he's back.. was just in the end (and i mean, end) when many of the wizards saw Voldemort with their own eyes..and it wasn't like the Goblet of Fire which was really scary and all of the things happening find their way to connect in the end.. in Order of Phoenix,a lot of stuff (i feel) aren't relevant.. as my dad would call it.. ang daming dapat deleted scenes.. i even feel that the whole story with Umbridge had no point. ahh ewan. i don't want to be a KJ and say all this stuff 'cause i'm such a huuuge HP fan. but..but..gaaah. i had such high hopes with this book and it didn't even get to the level of greatness as that with Goblet of Fire. grrr. maybe i'm alone in this but i don't care. hmpft. Sirius' death wasn't even that heartbreaking. (couldn't see why JK rowling cried over this, lol) nainis ako dahil ang tanga nila. hmpft. she better finish the 6th book quickly. lol. all the stuff that i'm expecting are probably in that book. the war against Voldemort, Ron and Hermione's romance (buwsit ala man lng silang MOMENT. kainishhhh. puro selos lng si Ron pero walang progress. mas okay puh tlga sa book 4). at least Harry and Cho kissed. haaay. i just have to wait (for another year? waah!) for book 6. *wapaks JK rowling* buwsit.

System Time: 9:29 AM
..waiting for SA Eugene to arrive.. he's got some new work load for me.. probably touchscreens. :( ..wonder if i could easily adapt.. all the forms i've handled so far are desktop forms.. my other batchmates are already handling touchscreens and from the looks on their faces.. i don't think they're going to be easy..

..*stares at my phone* , correction: stares at the phone "holder"'s really cute and girly.. light blue with a transparent plastic front and knitted at the sides..even has this poodle cross stitch at the back, lol. cutesy.

System Time: 11:57 AM
..woah.. SA Eugene gave me the touchscreen specs.. only have 4 days to do it.. have no frigging idea where to begin.. my first time to program a touch screen form and i don't even know where to put the user controls! waah.. will read the specs more.. brb

System Time: 4:54 PM
..wah. my SA said i have 3 days to finish. @_@. howdapakiwulddodatihabnoidea!
1. first time i'm coding for touchscreens.
2. don't know the flow of the program (refer to # 1).
3. i feel so disoriented.
4. first time i'm coding for touchscreens.

gaah. i need a miracle. kelangan ng mag-Super Saiyan. lol.

System Time: 5:26 PM
..panic, panic..

System Time: 6:06 PM
..wah. still have a LOT to do.. but i'll post this now.. bye all!

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