Thursday, June 19, 2003

System Time: 9:45 AM
..another day with nothing to do.. hmm.. already finished reading the transcripts.. the site i went to, only has transcripts for episodes 1 - 5.. , then has detailed recaps only til episode 8.. will find another site later at lunch for the other transcripts.. that's more than 2 hours away.. waah.. tagal ng 6pm.. (eh? lol!) i wanna go home already..

...been discreetly trying to make the fan site's gallery page.. i don't want to get caught doing it.. but i'll still try to continue putting the pictures together..

System Time: 10:59 AM
..significantly improved the gallery page.. have this film-look alike thing going on..

System Time: 11:40 AM
..i'm hungry.. -_-

System Time: 1:19 PM
..BWAHAHA. found out that our msn messenger connects even if it's not yet the designated time for internet access.. wahahah.. *hapi*.. was able to chat with Lara, my HS kabarkada.. she works at Sykes Asia..

..also downloaded LOTS of transcripts from different shows.. was only looking for birds of prey, but then i found this site that has transcripts for various shows.. i copied Gilmore Girls (3rd season), a few Dawson's creek episodes, and other stuff i can't remember.. now i can read away.. hehe *hapi ulit* ..even organized it to separate folders.. hehe .. ala magawa.. lolz

System Time: 1:24 PM
..can't decide which one to read first.. lol.. hmm..

System Time: 2:17 PM
..decided to read Gilmore Girls.. i'm still getting sleypi.. hmm... HE hasn't txted yet.. HE didn't even say good night.. gaah. do i have the right to even complain?.. haay. *shats up*

System Time: 2:25 PM
..can't believe am listening to a Cruisin compilation.. so THAT'S why am sleepy.. hmm..

System Time: 5:43 PM
..chatted with some of my ISM classmates.. namely lala, mervik and jennlyn.. so glad of my boredom that i tried connecting this msn messenger even if i knew we weren't supposed to have internet access on office hours.. look where it got me.. instant communication with my friends ^_^

System Time: 5:46 PM
..did absolutely NOTHING today.. think i'm already at the fourth episode of gilmore girls (3rd season)..i even laughed out loud at some parts.. (got a weird look from my seatmates hehe) ..i don't like Lorelai that much.. but i like Rory and Lane's pretty funny.. good thing i have a vivid imagination..

System Time: 6:05 PM
..absolutely time to go.. bye all!!

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