Tuesday, June 10, 2003

System Time: 8:51 AM
..still have no work load.. waiting for my SAs to arrive..

System Time: 9:44 AM
..still waiting..

System Time: 10:58 AM
..and waiting....

System Time: 11:30 AM
..have stopped waiting. hehe. just watching (correction, listening) to smallville, episode 19..

System Time: 1:49 PM
..now listening to episode 20...

System Time: 2:15 PM
..finally received new specs.. yehey.. desktop form parin.. oks lng.. baka manibago ako pag touchscreen ibigay saken eh.. sige.. trabaho muna..

System Time: 3:49 PM
...saket pala sa puso pag nakaidlip ka tas bigla kang gigisingin.. HAHAHA.. thought i was going to have a heart attack..hay. naduduling nuh ako sa antok. >_<

System Time: 3:54 PM
..was reading my specs when i fell asleep..

System Time: 5:59 PM
..made some progress with the new form.. (kung kelan uwian nuh ano.. SMB hehe) will log out nuh..bye all!! *mwaaahhhhhh2momi*

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