Friday, June 06, 2003

System Time: 3:46 PM
..have stopped working. just waiting for 5 pm.. have passed all my forms.. sister will buy a new PC this weekend! yeheyyyyyyyy!! have already decided on the specs.. P4 1.8 Ghz, 256 MB, 40 G.. am still convincing my other sister (ate ging) to contribute 10thou instead of just 5 so that we could buy a LCD monitor.. my ate chary's budget is only 25 thou.. anywayz, if i can't convince ate ging then we'll have to settle for a 17" flatscreen monitor.. my officemate, Sir Herbert gave me PC Express' pricelist.. quote reached 20,900 (*whew*) without a monitor.. a 15 " LCD costs aroung 14thou.. NYErks. di abot sa budget.

System Time: 3:57 PM
..ayaw ni ate ging :( . 5k lng daw tlga.. hmm..

System Time: 3:58 PM there's soo much food in our pantry.. many of our bosses have birthdays this June so big time din ang pakain nila. hehe.

System Time: 4:39 PM SA just approached me and said that we're finished with my forms. *BIG SIGH OF RELIEF* sa wakas!! :) i'm soo excited for this weekend.. and at least i don't have forms bugging me or dampering my spirits.. *hapi hapi hapi*

System Time: 4:44 PM
..NYEEEEH. kakasabi ko lng na tapos na ako sa mga forms ko.. tas my SA told me just now that there would still be changes in the specifications.. DOUBLE NYEHHHH. *why, why.. galit buh saken ang mundo!?*

System Time: 4:45 PM

System Time: 5:03 PM
..asked Sir Herbert to help me with the hardware specs.. hehe.. kakaexcite mag shopping for computer hardware.. HEHEHE. i'm so weird. lolz. cyah guys! will post this blog.. have a good weekend!!!

PAHABOL: was not affected by the changes in the specifications.. YEHEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! bye all!!!

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