Thursday, June 12, 2003

System Time: 1:37 PM
..happy independence day! :) .. it's a working day 'cause GMA moved the holiday for tomorrow.. that's fine by me.. longer weekend.. anywayz.. have been trying to continue my form... but am so damn sleepy

..brought new headphones.. one of those kind that cover the whole ear but doesn't have a headband like attachment.. saw it in my room.. think it belongs to ate ging.. has a slightly longer cord so i'm using it..

System Time: 1:58 PM
..have decided to just listen to episode 22 of smallville..

System Time: 3:58 PM
..finished episode 22 plus episode 23.. think that's the season ender.. super bitin.. but Lana and Clark's kissing scenes are very nice.. hehe.. i think Tom Welling is getting cuter.. lol!

System Time: 6:00 PM
..continued my form.. bumilis ang oras sa wakas uwian nuh.. babayyyyyyy!!!

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