Monday, June 02, 2003

System Time: 11:16 AM
(-_-) ...rainy days and mondays always get me down...

System Time: 4:38 PM
..i've been trying MY BEST to work as diligently as i could.. just hate it when i get stuck with whatever i'm doing.. i start spacing out and lose all my energy and eagerness to work.. hahay.. has been a long time since i said these words.. mainly because i've been trying to eliminate it in my memory.. 'cause i don't want to appear ungrateful..but i can't control it anymore.. so here goes..WORK SUCKSSSS

there. i said it.

didn't feel an ounce better. hmpft.

..will go to megamall later.. will look for a fedex/LBC store or something similar.. gonna send something to momi that's loonng overdue..

System Time: 5:56 PM
...waaah. am back on the f*cking RMReceipt form.. gadamn errors keep on bugging me huhuhu...

System Time: 6:09 PM
...ayoko na.. uwi nuh ko..babay!

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