Wednesday, June 18, 2003

System Time: 8:30 AM
.. got in early today.. around 7:30 am.. but its still late considering i left the haus at 6 am..

..was able to put the memory on my PC.. it now has 192 MB in total.. woohoo.. but i tried connecting the two PCs thru DCC but i just couldn't f*cking see the other computer in my Network Neighborhood.. configured all the stuff i could possibly configure.. still nothing...

System Time: 9:44 AM
..asked Sir Reivi and Sir Herbert bout my DCC problem.. i think they figured it out.. will try their suggestions later when i get home..

System Time: 9:46 AM already finished with the new form.. bilish ano? hehe. toldya it was similar to the previous one.. anywayz.. have no scheduled work load after this so am not turning this in yet.. besides, my SA hasn't gotten around to testing all my other previous forms.. He's the one behind schedule, not me, hehe..

..wasn't able to properly have dinner last night because of that freaking DCC thing.. but i did bring lots of merienda food today.. bread sticks, cupcakes, kirei, yakisoba.. hehe.. plus my lunch baon.. with mangga and bagoong (lol! yey!).. we have LOTS of mangga again.. my cousins from Isabela gave us one kaing i think.. basta marami... katuwa.. ^_^

System Time: 9:52 AM
..wonder what's up with momi.. he hasn't texted me since monday.. it's weird, me worrying. 'cause before he had a phone, a whole month would pass without us speaking to each other.. now i'm freaking out just because he hasn't texted me in the last 24 hrs. *calms down*.. he's fine.. he's okay.. he'll contact me soon.. *sighs*

bat kasi laging "subscriber can't be reached". demmit.

sorry... will just patiently wait for him.. as i've always done. -_-

System Time: 10:06 PM
..break time..

System Time: 10:43 AM
..still haven't smoked today.. woohoo.. will really try not to.. (okey okey, i know i've said that like a dozen times.. but i'll REALLY try my best)

System Time: 11:00 AM
..the plot thickens.. reading episode 3 ( i think) of birds of prey.. love story is definite.. saw other meta-humans.. (they call them that.. but they're just like mutants in X-men)..hmm..wonder if Batman shows up.. he doesn't know he has a kid.. they'll probably meet.. like next season (lol)

System Time: 11:12 AM
HP book 5 is coming this saturdayyyyyy! woohooo! i'm so excited.. we already reserved a copy..(plus a downpayment of 500 bucks).. so it's a sure thing..

System Time: 11:46 AM
..since i'm in the mood to babble just about anything.. i have here some of my favorite lines taken from the novel, the Alchemist.. i might not show it.. but i truly try to instill these messages in my life..

it's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting
..have you ever had an impossible dream.. we call it that but actually, deep in our hearts.. we still hope that in some bizarre and miraculous way..our dream becomes a reality.. that drives us, motivates us and makes life a little bit more appealing..

when each day is the same as the next, it's because people fail to recognize the good things that happen in their lives everyday's so easy to take things for granted.. your family, your job.. but actually, just having one (a family and a job) makes you luckier than 3,879,000 filipinos who are jobless and homeless.. (i just invented the number, but you get my point lol!)..
..which is kinda connected to another quote.. in the book, the boy was travelling for days in the desert.. then suddenly he sees date trees and these date trees bring such joy in his hungry body and tired soul...he recalled having seen such date trees previously but didn't feel the same happiness as he was feeling at that moment.. and so he said..

"Maybe God created the desert so that man could appreciate the date trees "
..every night after work.. it's so damn difficult to find a Cogeo FX in cubao.. so each time i do catch one.. i say a prayer of thanks to God just as i close the FX door.. i don't say TY to God when i enter the MRT station.. 'cause it's always there, and i forget to say thanks.. but as they say.. God works in wondrous ways.. so perhaps making me work hard for a Cogeo FX is His way of reminding me to never forget to appreciate all the good things happening in my life..

System Time: 12:14 PM <-- with that in mind, i say TY to Him for ate Rose for preparing my lunch baon today. lol! let's eat!

System Time: 3:45 PM
..tagal ng break. heard from momi.. he's at the beach..can't text back 'cause i've got no load.. olats listening to some Regine songs..found it shared in someone else's computer.. hehe..

System Time: 4:57 PM
..had 2 ice cream cones, (double dutch and super chocolate), 1 platito of pancit palabok and smoked half a yosi stick.. think i'm beginning to dislike the taste of yosi.. (good news super) if i need to break a bad habit, it's smoking.. cutting down my yosi intake has been easier these past few days.. don't know why.. but i only smoke 3 or less sticks a day now.. the half a yosi i mentioned earlier is my total for this day.. think i'm really improving.. ^_^

System Time: 5:55 PM
yehey. almost time to go..

System Time: 5:56 PM
..babayy all! will just wait for 6 pm! *mwahh*

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