Wednesday, June 11, 2003

System Time: 4:44 PM
..been programming the new form.. was asked by Ma'am M as to when i could finish it.. i made a boo² and said this coming Tuesday.. so that's what she set as my deadline.. (i should've said a day later than that)..

..was FINALLY able to finish Agent Cody Banks last night.. also watched Daddy Day Care after that.. both movies were okay.. each had their share of funny moments..

System Time: 5:13 PM
...didn't smoke a single stick today.. had a reality check last night while watching the DVDs.. could feel my bones in my chest.. lol.. there and then i made a resolution to gain some weight.. 5 lbs lng kada bwan.. hay sana..

System Time: 6:01 PM
..uwian nuuuhhhh. babu!

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