Wednesday, June 04, 2003

System Time: 11:13 AM
..daydreaming again.. today's my deadline but after a dozen changes in my form specifications, it's only proper that my SA moves the deadline to a later date.. am halfway through with the new Paulo Coelho book i'm reading.. The Fifth Mountain.. it's about the life of the prophet, Elijah.. as with his other books.. TFM is interesting and well written.. i find myself learning something new in every page..

System Time: 11:42 AM now recalling all the stuff that i've started but never finished.. 2 web sites, 1 novel, 3 collections, 1 "1/4 read-book" and a multitude of other stuff.. *sighs*.. at least am still blogging so that's a good sign..

System Time: 4:37 PM
..gaah. can't access my old guestbook.. ergo, can't read momi's entry.. will try again tomorrow..

System Time: 4:49 PM
..have been modifying my past forms.. but now that i'm back with my "scheduled" form.. i can't seem to find the groove.. hay..

System Time: 5:34 PM
..come on Time, move..

System Time: 5:35 PM
..i want to program so that time would move faster.. but I JUST DON'T KNOW HOW TO CONTINUE CODING THIS F*cking form.. my deadline's been moved to Friday.. that's just 2 freaking days away and i can't even display my data yet..

System Time: 6:02 PM
..ayan nagwork ako bumilis hehe.. babayyy!!!

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