Tuesday, June 17, 2003

System Time: 11:31 AM
..have passed my frmCustInvAdj form.. yehey..received a new one, but it's almost the same, with just a few details and validations added.. probably finish it this week..

System Time: 1:12 PM
..copied the first 3 episodes of Birds of Prey.. was able to watch the Pilot episode last night at Studio 23.. found it interesting after learning 'bout its history.. Huntress being Catwoman and Batman's daughter.. and her partner is Barbara Gordon aka Oracle, formerly Batgirl.. will read this first before i start working.. hehe

System Time: 2:19 PM
..nagbrownout! sayang,ndi tuloy tuloy.. but was able to play Magic against Chipper for about 30 mins.. (i won hehe) think we're still using the generator.. *hope it overloads, EHEHE.)

.. haven't read the transcript of birds of prey yet.. will continue doing that..

System Time: 3:00 PM
..actually continued programming.. reading the transcript was making me really sleepy.. (as if programming didn't.) hay. @_@.

System Time: 3:09 PM
damn it. i'm still so sleypi. -_-

System Time: 3:47 PM
..my whole face is peeling.. lol! it always peels when it's cold.. gaah. ala lng. nuff said.
System Time: 5:49 PM
..have stopped working again.. just reading the 3rd episode of Birds of prey..aHa! i smell a love story between Reese and Huntress.. hehe.. Huntress/Helena isn't that beautiful.. but she's got character.. i like her already. ^_^

System Time: 5:52 PM
..bought Koji's old 128 MB memory.. (700 bucks).. will try to put it later in my PC.. (read: magmamarunong ako, kunwari alam pano ilagay yung memory sa PC hehe).. i watched the tech guy remove the memory and then put it back on when i brought my PC to the PC repair shop to have the fan fixed.. hmm.. will tell you guys tomorrow if i was successful or not, lol.

System Time: 5:57 PM <-- 3 minutes to go.

System Time: 5:58 PM
..spoke to pangs last friday..(or was it thursday.. can't exactly remember).. i kinda missed him so i went online thinking maybe i could see him in IRC.. anywayz.. he was there, and it's great that we're still friends.. he sent me an e-mail asking how i was and that he misses me.. i haven't checked my mail for like ages so he was the one who said that i've got mail from him.. he also texted me a pretty sweet message.. didn't reply 'cause i know that guys would be guys and i don't want to make a big deal out of it. but still.. i'm touched and appreciative of his thoughtfulness. ^_^ i really do miss him and our frequent talks and it's good to hear that he feels the same.

System Time: 6:05 PM
..uwian nuh, tama na drama hehe. babayy!

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