Monday, June 09, 2003

System Time: 8:28 AM
..suuuper good news.. was able to buy a PC yesterday at Gilmore.. still doesn't have an OS installed.. i'll probably ask one of my officemates to help me with that.. also went to Quaipo to buy pirated stuff.. hmm.. bought Animatrix, Agent Cody Banks, Daddy Day care, Hot Chick.. and some old stuff.. like Virgin Suicides, American Pie 1 and 2 (in just one DVD), Terminator 1 and 2.. Enemy of the State.. also have this Josh Groban concert.. can't remember the other discs.. have tried watching Cody Banks last night.. but i was already so sleepy that i just stopped playing it and went to sleep..

System Time: 8:44 AM
..ate chary just texted me and told me that she found a XP installer we could borrow.. she said she'll get it later after work.. so the question now is, who's gonna install it? lol. even if i spend each day in front of a PC, i honestly don't know how to install an OS.. my knowledge with PC troubleshooting is so basic, it's bordering to useless.. hehe..

System Time: 9:55 AM
..che sistah forwarded me an email about the taiwanese group F4, hehe.. am not actually a fan yet.. i don't even watch Meteor Garden mainly 'cause it's shown on ABS-CBN and i'm sooo anti-channel 2.. but after reading the synopsis, i've got to admit i'm a little curious 'bout it.. saw LOTS (as in super dami) of pirated Meteor Garden episodes in Quaipo.. if it has english subtitles then i might buy a few episodes..

System Time: 11:00 AM old phone's now with momi.. it's weird 'cause i can't believe i could talk to him anytime i want.. (Lol!).. i'm kinda controlling myself not to text or call him every minute, lol.. i don't want na makulitan siya saken or something like that.. i'm also trying not to change my level of expectation for's soo hard to do that, but i'm trying.. i mean, this is why couples fight a lot.. 'cause they constantly expect such high expectations that the other party can't fulfill.. i'm just happy that i could talk to him everyday now...hearing his voice just.... well... it motivates me to live.. :)

System Time: 11:19 AM
..listening to my old mp3s.. haven't downloaded anything new for ages... perhaps with the new PC i could start downloading again..

..hay.. am supposed to be given a new form to program just waiting for it.. (read: am doing nothing).. have submitted all of my previously coded forms..

System Time: 11:56 PM
..currently listening to Counting Crow, Big Yellow Taxi.. (where Vanessa Carlton just says MMMmmbop bop bop ehehe)

System Time: 3:12 PM
..reading meteor garden's episodes, hehe.. still getting confused with the names,..dunno if the name belongs to a girl/boy, lol.. but it hleps me stay awake.. i'm so sleeyypi.. i'll probably won't do anything productive today..

System Time: 3:23 PM
..the length of my blog is indirectly proportional to the work related stuff i'm doing.. hehe.. (tama buh.. direct and indirect proportion? ..ahh ewan.. hehe.. basta sa economics yun eh.. lol)

System Time: 4:57 PM
..waiting for log out time is suchhh a hassle. lol. i have to pretend to be actually doing something worthwhile while urging myself not to fall asleep in front of my workstation.. it's an impossible feat. hehe. so hear i am, typing nonsense in my blog just so my keyboard would produce some sort of sound and reaffirm to anyone looking at me that i'm working.

..changed my IPmsg icons.. it's cute 'cause my ordinary icon is a smiley that isn't smiling.. (? lol ) .. like this --> :| ..and when someone messages me.. it blinks to another icon..a smiling one.. appears as if i have an animated gif in my system tray, hihihi.

GAAAH. nonsense, nonsense. hu-hummm..

System Time: 5:09 PM
.. think i'm getting dizzy with all the cigarettes i've smoked today.. think i already consumed 8 sticks.. but that's it for today 'cause i don't smoke after 4:30 pm.. i just smoke here at the whole family are non-smokers so they would just freak out IF they find out that i smoke.. yeahh.. i know i said i'll quit but it's so f*cking hard.

System Time: 6:07 PM
..will go now..bye bye!!!

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