Friday, June 20, 2003

System Time: 9:24 AM
..isang tulog na lang, Hari PotPot na!! iyeheyy! am soo excitedddd.. been reading news 'bout some 8,000 books have been stolen.. a NY tabloid being sued by J.K. Rowling for printing excerpts of book 5, news bout the different book launching celebration all over the world.. wahaha.. its book 5 maniaaa *LoL!* ..will get up early tomorrow to go to the mall and get our reserved copy.. yeheyyy

System Time: 9:30 AM
..ate Melody dropped by the office and gave me 2 lucky me cups, 2 cadbury choc, 1 big bag of breadsticks.. katuwaa!!! and it was only such a small favor i did for her.. all i did was give her her SSS check..ang bait bait! thank you ate melodyyyy! *mwahh*

..i think it's the friday vibe. good things just naturally happen because it's a friday and you shouldn't feel any negative stuff that might ruin your weekend.. ^_^

..not even bfs who don't text or call you..

nuff said. -_-

System Time: 9:37 AM
..ok, ok. so he was at his grandfather's wake last night.. i totally forgot about it.. but i was in a shitty mood and i needed someone to talk to.. it's just so frustrating to have someone in mind whom you want to share your problems with but isn't available or wouldn't answer his f*cking phone..


this is not good. i don't know now if i should apologize or just wait for him to text me first.. it's just soo tiring.. trying to be the world's most understanding gf.. i keep doing this to myself like some frigging masochist.. maybe i'm just forcing myself to him..making our relationship appear deep-seated and stable.. when in reality, we haven't spent that much time together to really know if we're meant for each other.. parang honeymoon lang pag magkasama kami eh.. 'cause those moments have been few and far between.. we haven't even spent a whole week together! no petty fights, no everyday sweetness.. *sighs*.. hay. have absolutely no idea what my point is. i guess what i'm trying to say is, it's just now that we have the chance to talk each day and he's not DOING it. he has absolutely no initiative.. hay..

System Time: 10:45 AM
..had a rare serious talk with my officemates, all of whom are guys.. they're great..gave me good advice.. so i called him and apologized.. he's sweet.. he said he's the one who should apologize, not me.. anywayz.. everything's ok na.. ^_^ *calms down*

System Time: 1:49 PM
..currently listening to Save Ferris - Let Me in..really good song.. i recommend that you download it..

i should've known what was on your mind
but all the world is spinning round and round
inside my head tonight
i will fall into the darkness
and i fear i will never see the light
so let me in..

all that i wanted from you
was something you'd never do..
so let me in
don't let this end tonight
cause i'm starting to fall
so let me in..

System Time: 4:01 PM
..1 hr to go.. will watch Sanib later with Eboy and her bf.. it's so weird typing that.. cause just a few months ago it was just "Eboy" .. now it's "Eboy and her bf".. it's a good thing that i know her bf as well.. i don't feel any uneasiness when i'm with them..

System Time: 5:03 PM
..gtg..bye all!

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