Tuesday, August 17, 2004

...so boringggggg

my days have become one big routine.. i go to work, go up to the 34th floor to log in..i then go back down to the ground floor to smoke...then i go up and attempt to work.. at around 10:30 am i become fidgety 'cause i'm waiting for 11 am to have my early lunch.. after lunch i go down again to smoke.. i go up and sleep until 1 pm.. (or until the bosses arrive) i try to work for real this time, except at times like this, when the IT people have their meeting and we're free to do anything we like..(sleep, surf, text, call, whatever).. at around 3 pm i become uneasy again 'cause i'm waiting for the right time to ask Mario or Raymond if they want to go down at the foodpark to eat and smoke..after that, i approximately do 2 hours of work again (depending on the load) while constantly glancing at my System Time if it's 6 pm already.. i go home, after Dex has texted me that he's already at the foodpark waiting for me..and i meet Dex (the best part of my day) and he accompanies me to my house . I eat my dinner... If it's a Monday i watch Queer Eye first or if it's a Tuesday, i watch The OC.. but any other day, just my taped TV shows (Twin Sisters and Joyride, hehe).. i then lie in bed and read my latest book to help me fall asleep (sometimes i'm off to la la land before i even finish one paragraph, lol)

that, is my so-called life.

hehe. so boring. but still, i feel so bloody lucky. *grins*

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