Friday, August 20, 2004


System Time: 8:11 AM
..i know it's early to be counting the hours until log-out-time but i can't help myself.. it's Friday and i just want to get out of this office and not think about Base plan insurance, Riders, Ortigas Agency, etc.. i'm assigned to create the Life Planner System.. so i kinda know more about insurance now.. btw, are you already covered? lol! i sound like a freakin Life Planner.. well, anyway, if you aren't, you should be. you gotta think about the future, whether you want to or not.. I bought an Endowment plan this year, from Sun Life (bwahaha, the LP in prumerica almost killed me.. i told her, "it's okay if you kill me! my family's gonna get double the premium! lol!" it's just like saving up, but you're also insured so it's like hitting two birds with one stone..(?) at least my family won't think of my funeral expenses when i die.. or if i'm still alive by 40, i'll get 500,000 php (or more, if their dividends are high).. i could use it to travel.. or add it to my retirement funds.. or if my priorities change, i could convert it to Life Insurance.. i'll probably get another plan, a pension sort of plan, 'cause i really want to retire early.. around 40.. that's 20+ years from now so i've got to start investing as early as now if i want that to's just like my father said, since i can't really stop myself from spending, i'd just hafto invest on stuff like insurance and real estate so i'd be forced to save for its monthly payments..

..was able to sleep early last night, just around 9 pm.. I really felt the difference this morning of an 8-hour sleep against my usual 5 was easier for me to get up though after my shower, i did put on my night cream instead of my sunblock, lol..i looked at the product in my hand and said "what the f*ck am i doing?" lol.

i'm going out later with my HS friends, Kate, Chie, Jing and the new mother, Lara.. i'm really happy that we meet more often these days.. it's always good to keep your old friends, and i've been friends with them for the longest time..

System Time: 2:59 PM
shit. life really is a bitch. how can i be perfectly fine a few hours ago and now, a total wreck.

i don't want to write about it now.. i might cry again. i've already humiliated myself enough.. all i want to do is get out of this office and not see the people around here.. *tingin sa taas* fuck it. brb

System Time: 3:51 PM
putah. pati ba naman pag-upo ko pupunahin pa. tangina. tangina inabutan pa ko ng chocolate. ano kala nila saken, parang bata na pag inabutan ng candy, titigil umiyak. hindi ako ganon! putah khet bigyan nyo ko ng candy iiyak pa rin ako! LOL!!! ..|..

System Time: 4:04 PM
this is what i get from crying in front of everybody.. everyone talks to me with this patronizing tone that drives me insane.. and worse, you actually feel their pity.. FUCKKK. BWISET. layuan nyo ko pls. :(

System Time: 4:48 PM
fuccck. nacharge na sa credit card yung hosting. putah ang daya sabi dapat meh approval. fuck fuck fuck.

hay.alis na ko bago ako mahimatay sa inis. babay.

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