Monday, August 23, 2004

...monday na naman :(

System Time: 2:18 PM
just finished reading Dan Brown's Digital Fortress.. it's better than Deception Point, although there is a trend in Dan Brown's books..the villain is always the person whom the main character works for..his/her boss in short.. the supposed good guy is bad pala.. but even if Digital Fortress has this trend, it has lots of twists that were really unexpected.. plus it's about programming so double the coolness, lol..

System Time: 3:04 PM
just talked to Tita Cora, my agent from Sun Life.. i bought another product, their Pension plan.. i chose the 20/20 mode.. 20 years to pay and 20 years maturity.. so by age 43, i'll receive 1M.. i know the peso will depreciate but as Robert Kiyosaki said in Rich Dad, Poor Dad, a pension plan is better than no plan at all.. hehe.. next month i'll start buying pigs and ducks (i'm not joking! lol!) .. it's for the farm and there's real money there.. i could earn at least 20% per pig.. hehe..

System Time:6:22 PM
i'm going home now.. bye all!

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