Friday, August 27, 2004's my lucky day today

System Time: 10:44 AM

i'm wearing a skirt. (whattt?!)

yeah, it's this drat gathering that made me wear a skirt in the office.. and JUST MY LUCK to see my former officemates at Infostructure when they were on their way to the foodpark.. what makes it worse is there were FOUR of them.. i mean, if it was just one and he/she tells the other info people that he saw me wearing a skirt, no one would believe him, LOL! but yes, it's my lucky day today and Ate liza, Ate weng, Eugene and Sir Teo saw me.. Ate Liza said..
"si geri? si geri!!" while pointing at my freakin skirt..
i haven't seen them in ages! i had to explain that i was actually wearing my costume and Eugene laughed it off and said i should wear a costume more often then.. all i need now is for the Radix people to see me and my day would be complete.. LOL! fuckk!

System Time: 12:54 PM
bini-reak in ko yung sapatos ko bwiset! lol! God, i didn't know that wearing high heels could kill you.. believe me, it tortures you in every step.. :~(


i have found a new found respect for girls who walk around in their stilletos (? i don't even know the freakin spelling of that shoe!)

ANYWAY, (i'm closing the subject, lol) i thought that my F4 fanatic days are over but all i need was to see Ken on TV singing and i'm starstruck once again.. God, he is gorgeous. waaaah! and he sings live! (unlike Jerry Yan who lipsynches all the time) ate Chary happened to see their concert at Azio channel and he recorded it just for me.. (did i mention that i love my sister? lol!)

System Time: 1:04 PM
it's so quiet in the IT dept.. Sir Felix and Sir Philbert are sleeping and the dynamic duo, Mario and Raymond are on the lobby to fetch some stuff needed for the Gathering.. grabe, kinareer talaga ng IT ang gathering.. the Seminar Room was so festive with all the bandaritas, a real banana tree, and Wooden pots and's so highschool.. and here i am wearing this God-forbidden skirt (i did say i was gonna close the subject, right? but i can't HELP it! arrrgghh)

*sighs again*

why do i feel like this is gonna be one long day?

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