Friday, August 06, 2004

...i love the way you love me

System Time: 2:50 PM

/me sniffs.

i just hate it when i have a cold. grr. hate, hate, hate it.

anyway, went to see Lara last night..the experience of seeing your friend, lying in bed and peeing blood makes me forget about wanting to have a baby..i guess i'm just not ready to go through all that now..

we left at around 8:30 and went to Mocha Blends to have our dinner.. it's always great to be surrounded by friends..i didn't want to tell them at first about dex but then, they kept on asking where he was so i did.. i got the "waaat?" reaction as expected.. i can't blame them, 'cause Dex is the boyfriend any girl could ask for. He's caring, sensitive, loving..*sighs* i just want to know if He's the one i love or i love the way he treats me..

System Time: 4:07 PM
just had a talk with Erlyn. waaah. i love you Erlyn. i feel so much happier now. i already texted Dex if he wants to meet today and this is what he said.


/me can't stop grinning. my cold has miraculously disappeared. i don't know what the fuck i was thinking. God. thank you! thank you for friends like Erlyn!

/me achooo! lol! so i guess my cold isn't really gone but i do feel a whole lot better.

i mean, what makes a person, a person. isn't it his character? his values? his actions? and i love dex precisely for all these. i love the way he texts me everyday. i love the way he makes me feel special. he cares for me and makes me feel like i'm the only girl in the world. i love the way he smiles or laughs out loud when he watches something funny on TV. i love the way he tries to cover up his bisaya accent but almost always fails. i love it the way he automatically reaches out for my hand when we walk side by side. i love the way he lipsynchs the songs on the radio with his face in full diva mode, lol! i love the way he quiets down when i'm angry at him. he knows that shouting matches will do us no good. we both love watching movies and rock music. We're supposed to watch Hoobastank together, so there's hope for that yet. I LOVE YOU MOMI!!

/ME kaboinks sarili. what was i thinking????

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aMgiNe said...

dont thank me... i just wanted u to be happy minsan kasi wala naman talagang problema tayo lang ang gumagawa. im thankful na naliwanagan ka at naging masaya ka din sa desisyon mo na balikan sya, at shempre masaya din si dex. ill pray for you guys. hehe tell dex may utang sya sa kin! =p