Thursday, August 19, 2004

...kikay wish list

System Time: 8:48 AM
i have a whole line of Origins products in my wish list..

>>>>Reflection Perfection - Mattifying face makeup
>>>>All and Nothing Pressed Powder
>>>>Zero-oil instant matte finish
>>>>Out of Trouble 10 minute mask

*sighs* vanity comes with a price that i can't afford.

System Time: 12:01 PM
read sistah's blog.. it's been a long time since her last blog and i've been bugging her to publish something every time i chat with her..finally, i got my wish (sort of).. she posted her letter for her ex and despite the sad effect of that letter (she's breaking up with him), i liked it 'cause she's such a good writer..i really miss her blogs and laughing out loud from reading her posts..this time of course, the letter didn't have her humorous lines but it's so well-written that i wish i had her talent when it comes to sistah, i hope you continue writing online..i'll be your # 1 fan, lol! (uy, i'll be. ahaha. peace sistah!)
System Time: 4:33 PM
ate ging went to Makati so i'll be able to hitch a ride with her today.. Hurrahh! i'll be able to go home earlier and get a free ride! *grins*


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