Wednesday, August 18, 2004

...couch potato

System Time: 7:17 AM
Good morning! i've been going to work at this ungodly hour since last week..i've learned to appreciate it 'cause it means i get 2 hours OT when i leave around 6 pm.. just finished reading Jane Green's book, Straight Talking.. after 3 books from Jane Green (Jemima J, Bookends and Straight Talking) i've discovered 2 things.. she starts every novel very well, makes you want to finish the book in one seating.. the bad news is she's not very good in feels very rushed and incomplete..i just hate books like that, it makes no sense to make a complex storyline when you'll just end it abruptly and leaves you feeling unsatisfied.. it has happy endings, don't get me wrong, but she tends to cramp all conclusions in the last few pages that it makes you say, "that's it?"...i'm such an "Ending-Makes-The-Book" person pa naman, i'm more of the feeling i get after i read it, not if the ending sucks, it kinda diminishes all the good memories i had with the book, hehe..anyway, i've read all my new books so i'll probably go to Powerbooks this week to check out what's new..

System Time: 8:02 AM
still don't feel like coding.. i had a hard time getting up this morning unlike yesterday when i felt refreshed even if i woke up at 4:45 am.. this morning, i was so sleepy i'm not even sure if i shampooed my hair, lol.. i don't even feel like eating yet, though i did buy 2 doughnuts, i'll eat them later when i feel that my digestive system's working already..i slept before 11 pm last night, same as the oher night, so it's probably just one of those days that your brain just won't function properly.. watched my taped shows again.. i love Twin Sisters.. it stars Wallace Huo(?), he's Hilton in Dolphin Bay and he's suuuper cute..gwapooo.. i love it 'cause it's unpredictable and directed very well, nice kilig moments.. unlike our soaps here where kilig moments mean the couple embracing, then smiling and staring at each other for like 5 minutes and the viewer wants to say "enough staring already!!" The director of Twin Sisters (and other chinovelas i've watched) know when to emphasize on a moment.. like yesterday's episode, when Annabelle hugged Wesley(Wallace).. you know in basketball, where they give instant-replays? it was like that, first the hug itself, then Annabelle's face, then Wesley's reaction.. i liked it 'cause i saw the characters' varied reactions...Wesley appeared so shocked and uneasy and Annabelle so sweet and so open.. *sighs*

showing that i'm not a total anti-local soap, i also tape Joyride, a new show by GMA 7.. features some of the StarStruck teens like Rainier, Mark, Yasmien, Dion, Katrina, etc.. also stars uber-gwapo Cogie Domingo (who simply stands out to the pathetic acting of the others) too bad he's paired to this morena-chinese (yeah, morena-chinese! yep, it's a first for me too, lol) non-looker girl..i pity Cogie Domingo, really, 'cause he should be a big star by now (at least to DingDong Dantes' or Richard Gutierrez' level) if handled by a decent manager.. i saw him once in Glorietta and i felt my jaw drop by his sheer awesomeness (lol) yun ang StarStruck, diba? lol! anyway, back to the show, think the teeners improved with their acting skills (except for Jennylyn who simply cannot act if her life depended on it, and of course Rainier, who can't stop smiling).. it's just the first week so i hope it gets better..

it's 8:37 AM and the office people are here already so i'll start coding..

bye for now, have a TV-filled day! (God, i wish we have TiVo)

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