Thursday, August 26, 2004

...bariles (inside joke,

System Time: 12:53 PM

saw erlyn today at the yosihan behind our building.. good thing i saw her 'cause she apparently changed her blog url again so my days of going to her old blog and being dismayed at the non-existence of a new entry is finished.. *wapaks erlyn* bat di mo tinext man lng saken iha?

at nag-iba pa pala ng numero! *wapaks again* you must have stalker issues.. *pats erlyns head* lol!

tomorrow's gonna be the Employee gathering for the HO in Prumerica.. IT Dept's the sponsor so everyone tries to pitch in whatever needs to be done.. the bad thing is they keep on bugging us to wear costumes when we are in fact, not prumerica employees.. they're theme's Linggo ng Wika and i kinda pity Mario 'cause they keep on telling him to prepare his Lapu-lapu costume.. HELLO?? Linggo ng Wika, dibuh? hindi naman National Heroes day.. sows. (or as chona would say at dAh!!)

anyway, i have a deadline today to finish all form designs so i'm gonna do just that now.. brb

System Time: 2:17 PM
They're going to have a question and answer game tomorrow at the gathering, so Sir J's editing the powerpoint for the questions... While he was doing this, Ate pretz approached him and asked some work-related question.. She kept on repeating her question 'cause Sir J was so engrossed on fixing the Powerpoint.. Ate pretz finally said..
"Sir! pansinin nyo naman ako!"
then sir J said
"Ha? Mas importante toh!!"


System Time: 4:57 PM
Ma'am M told me to go to Ortigas Agency tomorrow.. hmm.. is this good news or bad news? i'll take it as good news 'cause if it rains hard and i get stranded there, i'd have a solid reason not to go in that gathering.. harharhar

System Time: 5:26 PM
uy pinauwi na kami due to the heavy rains.. bye now!

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