Saturday, June 01, 2002

to think i said this day was one of my 'better days'...

my mom saw me crying last night. i was lying on our sofa with my pillow on my head.. she asked why i was crying.. "nag-away ba kayo ni ging?".. ging my sister...
she was so concerned it made me want to cry even more... she hasn't seen me crying since 5th grade... my mom said.. 'tungkol ba sa boys?'
in spite of myself i smiled when she said that... i just hugged her and whispered 'yes'... she said.. "lalake lang yan"..

mothers know best.

i don't want to think anymore. i want to stop feeling. this would be the last time that i'll talk about him here.

rejected. intangible. confused.

he's a coward. i hate him. -_-

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