Wednesday, June 19, 2002

ang wird ni momi. tsk

i know it's him... but it's almost impossible.. cause kuyuh moz said his IP ad is somewhere in manila... @_@ !!
could it be? is he here in manila?

i knowwwwwwww .. "closure!" ... *waves @ ate cha* ... but this is MOMI i'm talking about.. my momi :( ... the only person with whom i experienced the greatest happiness... and also the one who caused me the most pain... just when i feel that i'm moving on... getting my life back on track...


but the weirdest thing is.... he wasn't the one i was thinking of when i woked up this morning... actually.. i haven't been thinking of him that much for a couple of months now.... -_- i shouldn't feel guilty, right? ... i have given my all for him.. i think i deserve some breathing room... to actually start making decisions for MYself...

steffi asked me yesterday... if i still love him... i said yes.
i believe if you truly love someone... it will never fade... it'll just go up and down on different levels... if it fades.. then it was never really love...

i think i'm ready.
ready to fall in love again.
but is he ready for me?
waaaaaaahhhhhhh i miss my kuyuh

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