Thursday, June 13, 2002

i just had the worst interview... the worst!!!!!! interviewer asked me to write a program in C++ ... on the spot! tsk tsk tsk (throws away bad memory)

i felt so depressed.. i had to cheer myself up.. so i took out my best anti-depressant medicine.. my save the last dance vcd ... i was halfway thru the movie when my dad said i had snail mail.. when i saw the envelope.. i just stopped breathing for 10 seconds.

it was my envelope. it's from dexter.

when i wrote to him.. last march i think.. i included an envelope.. with my address on it.. and when i saw my dad holding MY envelope... i just stared at it @_@

i was crying when i read it... it was a happy cry.. cause i finally have what i've been asking for.. closure.
i would not write here what he said in his letter.. but i will tell you this much.. it was all good. ^_^
i still miss him.. maybe i'll never stop missing him because he's such a big part in my life... with him i experienced the happiest days.. and the gut-wrenching pain.
he will always be a part of me.. but he isn't the center of my universe any longer... i've realized that.. and i have come to accept it.. the letter gave me my peace that only he could give...

i love you my momi... i'll always pray for you and your family... *mwah*

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