Tuesday, June 11, 2002

i didn't go to d EB... *katamaaaaaaaad lumuwas ng manila LOL*

i tried working on my HP.. i really suck at the creativity department... i mean, .. i was doing my menu, a flash object... doing my main page.. and when i viewed it on the browser... i was totally blown away... blown away by how much it sucked >_< ... grrrrrrrrrrrrr ... demmit.. i decided to try the programmer thingie... *sighs*.. as they say.. "walang dating" .. i don't know what's wrong with it.. the graphics don't mesh well together... or maybe its my color scheme.. aaaahh i dunno... i mean.. what i imagined my site to be, when i try to do it,... it just doesn't look the way i thought it to be... /me puts L sign on my forehead

maybe i should try working on my sliding-menu again.. the one with the error on looping... aaaaagrrrrrrrrrrr
or maybe i should look more closely at my Delphi program... i mean.. it looks good there.. but when i put it in a page... something's just not right..

i can do this...


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