Sunday, September 04, 2005 expo day

see my update on the right side.. we finally have a florist and it's going to be Lala of Interplay! well recommended by Yna and Mai (fellow w@wies).. so grateful to them 'cause they introduced us to Lala, who is such a darling.. we felt great while talking to her, plus she was the only one who suggested red for my entou flowers which i really want! everyone else we talked disagreed with us it's not going to be good, blah blah.. Lala, on the other hand, suggested straight away when i said i wanted a color that would contrast my entou's gowns (they would be wearing lime green and yellow) that Red would be perfect for them. I agreed of course, hehe. I said, I wanted no other color except Red for them.. I really want the flowers to look dramatic on the pictures, so Red is super OK for me.

Anyway, we had so much fun at the Expo. Finally met mama Benz (of and introduced myself.. i said "Mama Benz Hi! I'm Geri and this is Raymond" then she said: "ooohhh, Geri Gewi!" hehe. I was so happy when she said that 'cause it means she recognizes my name through my posts. Also saw many wowies there, Liv & Ruy..pambungad kagad, paglabas namin ng taxi.. she also recognized me, probably from my pics here (she said: "Jeri ni Raymond!")..Dionne ni Joven (she said to me, "Are you Jeri?.. hehe) Mai, Yna, Cindy, Tin ni Archie, Concon (and ang kanyang iniirog), Mec crazylovers, and Alice who i didn't know was a wowie.. we were face to face (hehe) while filling up some raffle tickets.. i immediately recognized her and said unabashedly, "scholastican ka, dba?" then she said "yep, anong batch mo?" so i said I'm a level lower than hers and said "ndi ba Student council ka?" and she said.."Yep, president" hehehe! kaya pala kilala ko diba, president nga pala namin! Her sister's the one who's my batchmate but I don't think we were ever classmates so I'm not sure If she knows me, probably sa face lang. anyway, chika-chika dun at w@wie pala siya tas kwentuhan how their preps are going. katuwa talagang magkwentuhan about preps.. Back at the expo, we booked Wings of Dreams (they had an amaaaazing offer of 2.3k for 100 butterflies, free delivery 'cause i'm a w@wie and they come in individual envelopes) factor pa na si Mariel (the owner, i think) was super accomodating and friendly and hyper! ooh, and we won sa mini raffle nila, 2 shopping bags from Linden Suites.. katawa nga si Pangs eh.. sabi nya "wow Linden Suites!" tas sabi ko "Gagi, bag lang" hahaha! but they were very useful 'cause we were a bit problematic how we were going to carry our things since i brought my wedding preps clearbook just in case i might need it (and i was able to use it, i showed some of the flowers i wanted to Lala) so the bags came in very handy..

we also talked to Judy Uson, she's her usual amiable self and we simply adooore her, we love talking to her and she obliged us in a sec when we said we brought our cameras to take a photo with her but there was a "no cameras" rule at the expo but she waived it off and said "common, let's take a photo!" (will upload that v.soon).. got a taste of her famous carrot walnut cake with cream cheese, all i have to say is i am now definitely a fan of carrot walnut cake. who would have thought? even pangs loved it.

with ms judy uson
with ms. judy and all her wonderful cakes

we were so tired after the expo, but our wedding errands always lift our mood. maybe it's the excitement of the wedding, or because it's like retail therapy, or simply because we love spending time with each other outside work. It's such a relief talking about other things aside from our program errors, project analysis, etc.

teka, maggigisa na ako para sa lumpiang ubod. bwahahah, feeling chef na ako.


mai said...

hehe dumaan kami kanina kay lala ulit..lam mo ba isa siya sa top ng may pinakamaraming nabook sa expo heheh! galing-galing talaga. at katuwa kasi dami nga daw w@wies.

good luck sa pagluto mo.

Jacq & Bong said...

Hello Gewi. I'm Jacq a fellow wawie...I'll link you up ha.

jane said...

waaaah! kwentuhan mu ko geri.. how much pla yung sa flowers nyo and for how many peeps? kasama ba yung sa guys? hehehe.. =) email mo na lang ko.. thanks thanks!

Ruy and Liv said...

IT was great finally meeting you in person Geri. Yung Alice na na-meet mo ba ay si Alice Morta? She was the Student Council president when I was a freshman...go kulasas!!

geWi said...

mai: eh meh mga AE ba naman siya sa w@wies eh, syempre pa hehe!
jacq: hiyah jacq! thanks for linking me
jane: email kita!
liv: yep! siya nga! hehehe, kakatuwa! ahmm.. 3rd year ata ako nun, 1 year younger lng ako keh Alice eh! was great seeing you too!!!

dionne said...

hi geri! nice seeing you at the fair. kakatuwa naman other than tet hagape, interplay din! =) hope to bump into you at the xmas party naman. =)

Marj and Carlos said...

Ay Gewi. Grabe ang iyong stamina! I wish I had your strength.