Friday, September 30, 2005

...T G I F

TGIF! Yahooeyy! It’s a preps weekend once again because tomorrow, we actually have 3 appointments to go to..
  1. SWAN Catering – final contract (as in final na talaga!)  we always look forward to going to SWAN because we simply love chatting with Irish, our AE.. she’s so kwela and honest, it’s so easy to be ourselves and just enjoy our meeting with her

  2. ArtFinds – to get the wooden lamps and the painted boxes for our invites. Wooden Lamps are for our principal sponsors.. we’re very proud of our PS gifts, they’re locally made, beautiful and unique! Hehe!

  3. Tet Hagape – 3rd fitting with Tet! Woohoo! I’ll be able to finally feel my gown ‘cause I’m sick of fitting the lining only, hehe.. I’ll be able to see my lace, with the beaded obi belt.. woohoo! I’m so excited!
Before going to Tet’s we’ll also meet Anshe ‘cause her measurements haven’t been taken yet.. Anshe’s my thesis partner and she’s going to be one of my secondary sponsors.. she’s a fellow w@wie (her wedding’s on April) and soon-to-be village mate!

Anyway, this morning was my phone interview with the US-Team Leader at CAI-STA. I feel that it went great, ‘cause he ended the interview by saying “looking forward to meeting you, Geri”.. I just love how foreigners say my name, it’s so easy for them, unlike pinoys who constantly call me Jeri (it’s with hard G, ok? Hehe!) or Neri or Mary or Jenny. (watda!?) Ms. Ailleen (HR of CAI) said I’ll hear from them next week, if his evaluation turns our positive. Next step is the interview with the HR Head, it’s more of a meeting for their job offer.. hay, yun pala mas mababa pa sa current sweldo ko ano? Nyek! Hindi worth it ang 4 interviews and 1 exam! Lol! Grrr, baka masakal ko sila hehe. I’m still crossing my fingers, (wish it’s above 35k!)  sabi pa ni Roni, my kada, ang baba ko daw sumingil, kasi siningil ko 40k. parang waaaah, mababa pa ba yun sa kanya? Eh weird naman kung biglang talon sa current sweldo ko diba? *wapaks Roni* hay, still really hoping to get the job. I want a new job! I’m so bored na at Pramerica. The only good thing about this company is being with Raymond everyday. (love you pangs!)

Sige, paalam na. Have a great weekend!

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