Wednesday, September 28, 2005

...preps hotel, check!

Yahuuu! Ms. Eloy gave me her corporate account voucher at Astoria Plaza. Only 2750 bucks for a one bedroom suite plus buffet breakfast for 2. *talon talon* hmmm.. wonder when we’ll use it.. (matutuwa na naman saken si Pangs, bwahahah.. a whole new blog na naman! Lol!).. Bait ni Ms. Eloy, ibu-book na daw nya kami for next year, so dun na ako magpepreps for my wedding.. asked her to book for January 20-January 23 (4 days, 3 nights) plus another room for Pangs on the day of the wedding.. 2750 * 5 = 13,750 pesos whew. Gasteuush. For hotel booking alone, 13+k na and that is a very optimistic total because ma’am Eloy said that there are rate increases by next year (nagtaas na daw yung 2 bedroom suite nung nagpabook siya for March 2006) so it can still go up. Anyway, still very grateful to her ‘cause we’ll be getting a corporate Rate which is cheaper by I think around 500 bucks per day. Kung 500 edi nakasave din kami ng 2.5k! ayush!

Ayun, also have another interview (my last one, hopefully!) scheduled this Friday morning 8:30am with the U.S. Team Leader of CAI-STA. I have to dig-deep once again with my very shallow english skills and hopefully pull it off to get the job. Good luck ulit sa akin!! Si Pangs din nga eh, naginterview kanina, he thought it was only a part-time position but when he got there, they said they were considering him for a full-time C# Senior Programmer. Sabi ko nga keh Pangs “Pangs, marunong ka palang mag C#?” sabi nya “Ngayon ko lang din nalaman” hehe. Good luck din kay Pangs! Sana makalipat na tayo sa nanganganib na kumpanyang kasalukuyan nateng pinapasukan!  

Sige, babay!

*esep-esep na kung gano kasarap ang breakfast buffet sa Astoria. Hihihi. Tsaka yun din. lol*


jane said...

cno si miss eloy? hehehe *grins* =D

harbie said...

nice!!!! =) malaki na rin yung natipid nyo non ha. tagal nyo naman magche-check-in eh.

goodluck sa job hunting! everything will be new by next year for you guys, new work, new life, new house (i have faith, i believe! heheheh!)... sana tuluy-tuloy na! =) God bless!

geWi said...

jane: si Ma'am Eloy is yung in charge sa sales training dito, kaya siya yung kilala ng mga hotel, nakakahingi siya ng discount

harbie: matagal para enjoy hahah! salamat!