Thursday, September 01, 2005

...scary siyet

Hmmm… First of all, this is MY blog so I can write anything I want here… so anyway, I was browsing through the groups this morning and I was weirded out by a few posts with a title “To All W@wies: On Respect”.. They were talking about something Jacque wrote.. from the tone of their posts, a lot of them were pissed. As in, really pissed. Someone even said Jacque should apologize, so after reading that, I was now extremely confused. Is this the Jacque that I’ve met and whose blog I frequently read? It couldn’t be, probably another Jacque, ‘cause there is another w@wie Jacque.. anyway, I was getting curious by the minute (they were very passionate posts, you know!) but Mama Benz (owner of the yahoogroup) said that the email was already deleted. I only read posts through the groups website so I was a bit dismayed… then I remembered my email that I’ve recently subscribed to the group so I quickly looked for the controversial post there. Aha. Nakita ko. Si Jacque nga ni Simon. After reading her post, my first reaction was “WatDa?” Akala ko mabait. Nameet ko sa EB yun, uh. (sa Kitchen)  hmmmmm. It was disturbing, really. Then after I’ve thought about it, really, it’s okay to have subgroups. Sa dami naman ng members ng w@w, syempre maggugrupo-grupo nga yun, and there’s really nothing wrong about that. What’s wrong is talking about others behind their backs and feeling superior about it. It’s like Mean Girls on print! I feel bad about other w@wies mentioned in the email, it’s like they’re now associated with the Mean Girl group when they’re not at all mean. They’re friendly and I really like them (especially Mai ni Paul, love her!). Now I’ll always be wondering when I meet her if she’s saying something about me in their little group. I always read her blog pa naman. Maybe I’m a groupie. Bwahahahah! anyway, I’m sure she could scrap that one in her “Lessons Learned” list. (Read the To: line first before sending anything) hmm.. sana yung iba kong fave bloggers, hindi ganun. I even have a this weird feeling about one of them (uh-oh, ayan, nagaassociate na ako!) ‘cause she blatantly ignores my post. Secret na lang kung sino. At first, I thought I was like just paranoid, but after 3 posts with her name on the Subject line and I got NO reply, I was like,.. ah-hmm.. ignored ako? (Ignored talaga, ‘cause she replied every single email except mine) Hehe! Hindi ko na lang pinansin until now. I’m a bit bothered about it, ‘cause, you have to ask yourself, “what did I do?” and I’ve got this annoying habit of wanting to please others all the time and I’m not the type of person who can say “Bahala siya sa buhay nya”. I’m really affected by petty stuff like that, wanting to please everyone, it’s such a weakness of mine. Haaaay, just venting. Complaining is a release, you know. Anyway, as Benz said, back to preps na lang! It’s much more beneficial talking about the difference between Artbook and Magnetic Book, anyway. Hehe. Or blog-hopping at other people’s preps. Though I’d probably stop commenting in her blog. Nyaiks, madalas pa naman ako magcomment. Bwahaha. Scary.

I still can’t believe it!  0_0 what if I see her at the wedding Expo this weekend, what do I do? Ahh I know, magpi-peace sign na lang ako, para masaya ang lahat. ^_^

Just read jacque’s apology sa yahoogroup. My two cents? Let’s just say, she wrote everything that I expected her to.


Aggie said...

Naku Gewi, friendships online are two-edged swords, really. There is only around 20% chance that those friendships go beyond the internet after the first EB. Plus, you know naman there is nothing like really getting to know a person in person (hehehe, weird yun). Parang ako, kunwari mabait ako online, pero bruhilda ako in real life (bwahahaha!)

And you cant really prevent wowies from forming their own groups kasi iba iba nman ang personalities ng mga tao. Ganun talaga. Wag ka na lang paranoid kung pinaguusapan ka nila kasi 1) ikaw na nagsabi na mukhang OK sila, 2) as long as wala ka naman ginagawang masama, bakit ka nila paguusapan? I think their group is not as bad as what we (yes, me included) impressioned them to be.

Yun lang, wag ka na din mag-associate. Di makakatulong sa wedding preps mo yan.

PS. Para akong malaking Ate nagsesermon. Malaki nga ako, hahaha!

~Glo~ said...

Actually ang moral ng story for me, lets be mindful of others talaga, we'll never know and di nakakasakit satin, nakakasakit sa iba.

Anyway, napapraning na rin ako, ikaw kasi, ako ba umiignore sayo?

I took your advise and got rid of the frames. Nababagalan kasi ko mag load.

geWi said...

hehe ATE aggie! lol! yup, i like most of them naman hehe.. guess i was just expecting too much from their posts, thinking na friendly friends na ang lahat instantly..

glooooo.. so happy re: frames, hehe! and no, it's not you haha, sori naparanoid ka! alang blog yun, mali pagkasulat ko, parang ang dating blogger siya pero hindi, wala siyang blog.

mai said...

Eversince, I told myself I'll keep mum about this issue. Since special mentioned ako sa blog mo, all I want to say is thanks for liking me girl and believing that I'm not that type of a "mean" friend as they had branded us already. As painful and as unfair as it is (after reading all those "one-sided" posts), I'd rather keep silent and have my sentiments to myself na lang sana. So yun nga since special mentioned ako sa blog mo for once, here are my thoughts (alangan naman palagpasin ko ito eh ako pa isa ako sa dakilang masipag na taga-comment sa blog mo).. "one-sided" kasi they've already ranted about us GENERALLY without even asking or trying to know where we or let's just say I na lang personally, are coming from. As I've said, masakit man ok lang na branded ako na mean..ganun naman talaga ang mga tao eh. Once you are "judged" or associated with're forever judged that way. I know myself and my real friends better than they do (hello! through web space lang pagkakakilala nila how dare them judge me that way!) Pero ok lang ganun din naman ang tao eh..rant sila ng rant and yet unmindfully.."they're not practicing what they are preaching". hehe! Indeed, nobody is perfect mabait clean-hearted person in this world...

basta geri my peace friend, my work-kapitbahay, one of my's up to you what to think about me.

Hay sana december na para makagrad na ako..hehehe!

tuwa ako pareho tayo florist! yeeyeyeye! ano nga pala laman ng linden suites bag na napanalunan niyo?

gaya kita ha. (V) <--peace sign

geWi said...

mai: never once doubted you! nevahhh! hehe.. was able to talk to jacque last night sa YM.. nagsorry din ako about my blog though hindi nya nabasa ang post ko.. harsh din kasi mga sinabi ko,.. all i can say is, ganon tlga diaries diba.. you just express what you really feel at the moment. i'm glad i was able to talk to her.. at least now, my opinion has changed.

mai said...

asus! dapat lang noh kundi sige ka papayat ka lalo heheh! joke! oo naman diary mo ito kaya you can write whatever you want. sencia na rin ha..dito sa blogs mo nasabi mga sentiments ko hehehe!