Monday, September 26, 2005 weekend

Halu! I had a good weekend.. I wasn’t able to go to work last Friday (was sick again, huhuhu) but I went the next day ‘cause I had users for my program who would be converting their data so I had to be there to support.. Pangs and I met in the office and stayed there for only half a day but it’s cool ‘cause my users where very easy to teach and they went on with the conversion without any glitches…We went to Megamall after that, met Anshe and Jeff at the Bridal Fair.. Bridal Fair na naman? Hahah! I knowwwwwww, wala nga kaming ginawa dun, since almost complete na kami sa suppliers, (invites na lang, and we plan to either to do it ourselves or have it done in Recto) but we still enjoyed it ‘cause we made chika to ms.Judy again, re-introduced ourselves to Mama Benz.. and syempre kasi andun sila Anshe..
Sunday, my Dad was the excited one ‘cause KIA Motors had a Test Drive event at the Fort, and you get the chance to Drive a Sorento, my Dad’s wanna-have SUV.. ang saya! There were freebies (2 big umbrellas) and meal stubs and my sister and Dad got to drive a Sorento. There was a make-shift course (to which my Dad said “Eh kulang pa ito, ang dinadrayban ko eh hanggang tuhod ang putik!) and we were whooping and screaming inside the car ‘cause Dad was driving on it with such gusto he almost hit this huge rock. (really huge!) I told Dad “Daddyy, baka kung ano ang itetest-drive mo, yun ang ibibigay sayo pag bumili tayo! Pag-ingatan mo naman ito!!” hehehe. Badtrip nga lang kasi nagmahal na pala. Dati kasi 990k lang ang top of the line, ngayon, 1.3M na! Nyek! Anyway, I don’t know when my Dad would actually buy one, but I’m hoping they won’t get rid of our Starex ‘cause I really like that van. (2 lang kasi ang car slot namin sa garage, 1 for our pathfinder, the other for the starex) I have a feeling that if we’ll be able to buy a house and lot in COGEO, Dad will be using our garage for his extra car, hehe. (OK lang basta pwede naming gamitin, dba!?) After the test drive, we went to Sta.Mesa to visit our Aunties and cousins (mother side) and also to see my newest nephew, Reiniel Ashton, anak ni Kuya Ding. Hehe, kakatawa sila mommy, “Ashtong” ang tawag. Sabi ko “Mommmyyyy… Ashten, hindi AshtOng!” he was such a cutie, smiling at 3 months. Tapos meh “hu hu” sound na siya. Hihihi.
Here’s Ashtong:

ishleeping ashtong

and that, was my weekend. Babayu!

Meh interview na naman ako later. Wish me luck! *crosses fingers*


jane said...

luck! =D

anshe said...

good luck tp! nde pa ko maka pag blog kasi i should be working..=P
btw, i called lala of interplay.. just wanted a quotation kaso upto now wala pa din ung email nya..=C