Tuesday, September 13, 2005

...bluesy tuesday

Had my second fitting (wow, 2nd already!) at Tet’s place.. also brought with me my entourage (though kulang ng 2 SS, wala si TP and my insan Gracie) … clarize, my niece was very PRO at it, a bit OC in fact.. (she’s only 7 years old) this being her like nth time to be a flower girl.. when she saw the design (the top was just sleeveless) she tried hiding her frown but she couldn’t help herself and then said to Tet:
“pwede po bang mas sexy?”
lol! I asked Tet if she could make it a tube top, Tet didn’t agree but suggested to make it spaghetti straps instead.. when we agreed on the top.. clarize said to Tet
“yung palda po covered ba?”
she was referring to her shoes, kung covered daw ba ng palda.. gusto daw nya ganon.. bweheheh! Galing talaga! Her mom said that if she really loves her dress, todo-project daw siya eh.  If flower girls are for hire, she can be a real pro. Nina was there (my cousin, ka-age ko), Akel, and my other flower girl, Eloisa. Eloi was a bit shy, understandably, ‘cause she was surrounded by a lot of new people (she’s 5 years old) but I still have confidence in her that she’ll walk on the aisle with little hassle.. (gosh, the pressure I’m putting on these girls, hehe) my fitting is better than the last time (though Tet asked if I lost more weight. HUHUHUH) I put on a petticoat and I was really feeling my gown more this time (even with the lining only) .. oct 1st is my third fitting.. I’ll be able to see the actual lace that would be used so I’m nervous and excited at the same time..i hope Tet meets my expectations.. (and my mother’s! whose expectations are waay higher than mine)

about the house search.. hayyy. It just keeps on getting more difficult than ever to find a decent, cheap house. Everything’s all 1.3M or 1.2M for a 240sq.m with a dilapidated house. (and I do mean dilapidated) sobra naman sila, halos lupa lang ang binibili mo nun eh dahil wala ng kavalue-value yung bahay. Haaay. Syempre, we’ll just continue looking and really hope in the heavens that we’ll be able to find one. ( it just really is testing because it feels like all we encounter are dead ends.

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anshe said...

hi tp! naimagine ko mga fg mo..ang ku-cute! saka smart uh? sori wala ko nung sunday, oct 7 ung sched na db? re: house, don't worry meron kau mahanap..baka binibigyan lang kayo more time para mas mapaghandaan..Ü God bless!