Monday, September 12, 2005

...feeling rich weekend

Just realized last Saturday that that will be our first and last anniversary as bf-gf… hehehe.. next time, it’ll be our wedding anniversary.. so…. the kwento…

I made reservations for us at Top of The Citi… (34th floor, Citibank Paseo) remember that Pangs and I are officemates (magkatalikuran lang kami ng work-area) so I had to be very discreet when I talk to them or fax them.. I wanted Pangs to really be touched (hehe) because of my preparations for our anniv so I asked them if they have some sort of cake that they can place in our table.. I was imagining all that mushy candlelit stuff and I wanted the works! It’s a good thing that Ms.Kathleen, my contact at Top of the Citi was more than accommodating.. she said: “Yes, Ma’am.. slice ng cake tapos sa plate nakasulat yung words na gusto nyo”.. syempre “Happy Anniversary” lang maisip ko.. I also ordered flowers online through just half a dozen with a note.. ultra-cool to be able to buy flowers on the net and have them delivered anywhere in the Philippines.. I asked ms.Kathleen again if she could receive the flowers for me and put it on our table.. by Wednesday, everything was all set.. Thursday, I asked Ms.Eloi (pramerican, sales training dept) how much it would cost for me to book a room at either Linden Suites or Astoria Plaza.. imagine, just 2500/night.. so I asked if she could book a room for me and to keep it a secret from Raymond.. she agreed, of course…. Friday morning I was so excited. Supahh dupahh excited. (I was thinking about the breakfast buffet at the Linden Suites more than anything else, hehe) Around 5:30 pm, I called Top of the Citi and asked Ms.Kathleen if everything was okay.. she said “Andito na po ang flowers!” I thought it already came in a vase (sa picture sa site nila, nakalagay eh) but it didn’t so I asked her if she could put it in a vase or something and also informed her that we might be a little early than my 7:00 reservation.. By 6:00 I received a text from Ms.Kathleen and she said:

“Ma’am Geri, hindi po bagay sa vase yung flowers eh. Nilagay ko na lang po sa table nyo.”
I said “that’s ok. Excited na ako!!” (hindi ko napigilan sarili ko eh, wala akong mapagkwentuhan eh!!)
She said: “hehehe! See you po!”

By 6:10 I was bugging Raymond for us to go home.. (ang tagal nya uh) I asked him if we could go to Citibank so I could pay my CashBack card.. he was like (“ang tagal namang matapos yang CashBack mo!”) I couldn’t pay my CashBack kasi at any other place (even online) kasi new card and everything so laging hassle samen to pay it, we had to walk like 10 blocks from Enterprise Building going to Citibank Paseo.. but this isn’t anything new to him so he wasn’t a least bit suspicious.. he was asking me kung ano plans namin and he confessed to me later that he did thought for a second that I didn’t have ANYthing planned.. after paying my bill, eto na.. bwahaha I didn’t know how to get to Top of Citi so sinabi ko na rin keh Pangs.. (tuwang-tuwa siya, apparently, he also thought of getting reservations there. Kuno. Lol!) so the guard told us to go to the adjacent building and up we went to the 34th floor.. when we got there, I said “Reservation for Geri Espinosa?” and I honestly believe that the waiter gave me some sort of secret smile, hehe.. at the table, paupo na ako nung napansin ko na sa side ko nakalagay yung flowers and cake, so biglang sabi ko “ayyy pangs, dito ka!!” tas palit kami ng upuan. Ang slow ni Pangs, ndi pa napansin yung flowers kagad, lol.. nung napansin nya finally, binasa nya yung Note ko, it said:

Surprise! Kala mo wala akong prinipare ano! Bwahahah! Syempre, ako pa? Remember nung nag Sonya’s Garden tayo one year ago? One hell of an adventure dahil nagcommute lang tayu papunta at pabalik! I’m looking forward to many more years of adventure with you. Happy Anniversary! I love you so, so, so much! -à

tas ayun na, tuwang-tuwa na ang lolo mo.. HIHIHIHI. Pramis, parang nanalo sa lotto hehe! (okay, exaggeration ng konti, basta, okay, nanalo lang sa mini-raffle)

tuwang-tuwa si pangs
reading the note
while reading the note

tapos hindi parin nya napapansin yung cake!! Tinanggal ko pa yung Menu tas ayun.. here’s the cake:

eaten cake
kinain na namin ito..
galling, ano? Tapos eto menu namin:

Special Menu Dinner

Baked Mushrooms in Filo Pastry
With Tarragon Salsa
Served with Mesclun Greens

Potato Leek Soup
With Crispy Prosciutto

Roast Rack of Lamp
In Rosemary Jus
Served with Gratinated Potato and Ratatouille

Dark Chocolate Souffle ß sawaaaaaaaaaap

Coffee or Tea

grabe, feeling rich kami hahaha! It was a good thing I remembered something at a movie that said “start using utensils from the outside and work your way in” for this is the very first time that I ate at a fine dining restaurant.. I would just looove to say to you that everything was perfect, but frankly, the food wasn’t exceptional, lol! It was okay, masarap yung appetizer and dessert.. but the atmosphere wasn’t at all snobbish.. the staff was great and very accommodating.. they indulged us to our picture taking frenzy and everyone was greeting us a Happy Anniversary..

with the bulaklak

akala ni pangs, yun lang ang surprise ko.. nung sinabi ko, nagpabook din ako sa Linden Suites, eto na talaga, hindi na talaga exaggeration, talagang mukhang nanalo sa LOTTO! Hahaha! Grabe, pagpasok namin sa room namin, waaaaaaaaaah ang ganda!! Para kaming mga batang nakawala, mega-talon talon pa kami sa kama ala movies (ang saya pala nun!) tapos super soft sheets, meh bathtub (which we quickly used,.. together, hehe) tapos nung breakfast (syempre breakfast kagad ang kwento, ano?) ang sarap ng food.. sausages, pastries, donuts, cereal, lots and lots of fruits waaah, heaven.. gusto kong sapukin si Pangs kasi hindi namin mashado nasulit hihihihi ..nahihiya siya, kasi mukhang kami lang ang PG dun (patay gutom) we checked out (indoor pala swimming pool nila, meh Jacuzzi, inis saken si pangs kasi ako lang ang may dalang pang swimming.. dapat daw, hindi na surprise para may dala din siya hehe) then continued our feeling rich weekend at Gateway, had lunch at CIBO.. after nun, uwi na talaga kami, with our CCs overused (Linden was on Pangs, yehey!) but thoroughly happy and satisfied (*ehem*) …

pangs ko, this has really been the BEST weekend of my life. No exaggeration. I love you so much! Sa uulitin! Hehe! (3/4s puno na alkantsa namin ng 5 pesos, bwehehe, pwede ng pang-Linden! Lol!)


anshe said...

wow! geriii!!! saya naman!! =D
mas excited ako dun sa linden suites..khet me cut!! =p
congrats! and isang beses lang naman kayo magkakasama ng pangs mo eh.. 1 whole lifetime..Ü

Ruy and Liv said...

Andaya, ba't censored! =)I"m so happy for you. I'm sure your future anniversaries will be even better. Mwah!! Feeling ko hanggang ngayon nag-gloglow pa kayo

dionne said...

ang saya! kaya naman pala nakalimot sa fior eh. hahaha!

ang sweet naman ng dinner & linden suites. parang nanalo nga ng lotto si raymond. =D

geWi said...

hahaha. syempre censored, GP ang blog eh, lol!

dionne: sensya na, lol!

jane said...

ai.. censored nga =S

hehe.. sa email na lang.. hahahah! *wink wink* hahaha! =D

mai said...

bitin nga ang kwento..walang climax!

anyway, katuwa naman and it's good that you enjoyed your anniv celeb.. :D

tSaRoLsKiE said...

nagkwento nga, nde naman detalyado .. corny! hahahah ano kaya mararamdaman mo kung nagbabasa ka ng libro tas ganyan ... ang chaka ha! ituloy mo na kwento harharhahrhar

happy birthday sa inyong dalawa, pag inlove talagaaaaa .. lumalabas ang mga nakakabaliw na idea *ngisi*

Aggie said...

Syet, naiyak ako dito!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!! ang sweet mo :P

rEeYuH said...

waaaaaaaaa ang saya-saya! =p

geWi said...

bweheheh! ngayon, meron na kaming LSF.. linden suites funds! lol!