Friday, September 16, 2005 things

no one tagged me (pathetic, i know) but it's Friday and i don't want to work. yet.

seven things that scare me
1. someone else's blood/wound
2. death of a loved one
3. walking on MMDA overpass (it's scary! walang walls!)
4. that i would say "Para!" to a PUV and find out that it was the wrong stop and i've just stopped to an unfamiliar place all by myself
5. forgetting my wallet at home (tas low batt ka pa daw ano)
6. that Pangs would realize how insane he is to marry me
7. JK Rowling dying (pano na si Harry potpot?)

seven things i like the most

1. couch potato-eing (with matching oily hair and greasy face)
2. snuggling at Pang's armpits
3. Linden Suites! (hehe)
4. Eat-All-You-Cans
5. blogging
6. Reading chicklits
7. paydays

seven random facts about me

1. i invest in make-up. really. it just doesn't show.
2. i took ballet lessons until 2nd grade. now, i can't even bend and touch my toes if my life depended on it.
3. my greatest dream is to reach 100 lbs.
4. i have a Powerbooks Powercard Plus. i stamped my way thru those tiny boxes.
5. i spend a total of 4-5 hours a day travelling to and from the office. (no wonder i don't gain weight)
6. i'm a Daddy's girl.
7. my work title is: Senior Programmer (or senior Blogger)

seven important things in my bedroom

1. my wedding clearbook compilation (i almost sleep with it)
2. TV (v.v.v.important)
3. bedside lamp (so i can read before i go to sleep. with the TV on)
4. electric fan
5. blanket and 2 pillows. otherwise i'd have a bad night
6. cordless phone
7. our CR

seven things i plan to do before i die

1. buy a kick-ass drum set
2. have children
3. have a successful family business
4. realize which business we'll be successful in
5. go to Japan (as a tourist..kakapanood ko ng "Oh, Tokyo!")
6. make at least one stranger's life dramatically different (better, not worse, ok?)
7. build a house in Ayala Westgrove

seven things i can do

1. type 60/words a minute. at least.
2. dance
3. watch koreanovela one whole weekend. with subtitles only.
4. eat, eat, eat without gaining weight. (it's a freaking curse!)
5. Not work at work. the whole 8 hours.
6. sleep soundly at vehicles
7. bend my thumb backwards until it touches the bottom of my wrist (eww)

seven things i can't do

1. friendster hopping. their server is sooo slow.
2. small talk with a stranger
3. sing
4. drink without getting drunk (those were the days)
5. be a programmer my whole life
6. play billiards (thomasian pa naman ako! huhuhu)
7. eat ginataang langka

seven things that attract me to the opposite sex

1. confidence
2. intelligence
3. EQ (hehe)
4. ambitiousness
5. pag cute
6. hands
7. pag gentleman

seven things i say the most

1. sa kanto lang po
2. i love you pangs!
3. Nyeh!
4. Hay Nako!
5. I'm hungry
6. Sleep Tite! (hehe, sa text kasi saken dati ni Pangs yan, slip tyt ngayon, lagi akong "Sleep ti-te!")
7. Nagupdate po ako ng EXE

seven celeb crushes (in random order)

1. jude law
2. michael chad murray
3. si Kevin dun sa Attic Cat
4. si Rain sa Full House
5. Michael Vaughn (di ko alam pangalan nya eh)
6. wala na kong maisip
7. wala parin

seven people you want to see take this quiz

ahmm.. puros nakasagot na ata eh! kung hindi pa, sila:
  1. erlyn

  2. Mai

  3. Jane

  4. Reeyuh

  5. Harbie

  6. Anshe

  7. Ate Cha


dionne said...

thomasian here din at pareho tayong di marunong magbilyar. hehe! uy koreanovela. type! kevin at rain ah. =D

jane said...

haha! first time ko sasagot ng ganito.. =D

mamya paguwi ko..

d pede dito e.. mahuhuli akow =p

anna said...

thomasian here... :) uy, ama qc din ang hubby ko. nabasa ko kasi sa blog ni meng. baka kilala ng fiance mo si hubby.

aMgiNe said...

can i beg off? takte naman unang una pa ko sa listahan! dami ko ng sinagot na ganyan eh. pass na lang muna ko at sobrang tinatamad pa ko eh. hehe

geWi said...

uy erlyn meh nakita akong w@wie na online friend mo rin hehe. tamad!

aMgiNe said...

at sino naman un geri? si bing? taga convergys din ba? sino?

loka tamad na ko mag answer ng sangka2tak na chain blog entries, hirap kasi pag popular ka sa blogging world eh. hehe =P

anshe said...

tp! grabe isama ba ko sa list, pero tnx pa din hehe! at isang malaking assignment to for me..Ü