Friday, September 02, 2005

...mixed emotions

I’m so giddy (never thought I’d use this word. Ever) with excitement. I’m on my squirm-mode again and I can’t help it! It’s a wedding expo weekend! A huuuuge wedding expo at that! Last attended the expo last March and we were there just browsing ‘cause our wedding was 10 months away then. Now, it’s much, much more exciting ‘cause it’s gonna be booking time! Wohooo! We hope to book our florist there.. and some butterflies..and some pastries.. hehe, halo-halo! If we’re lucky maybe even a cheap invites supplier.. (to go inside our box) plus, I’ll be able to finally get my w@wie tag and t-shirt! Yehey! Also, I will be cooking lunch for pangs tomorrow! BWAHAHAHAHA! My first time to cook anything. Well, not since highschool.. we did have cooking classes, but I was more of a designated dishwasher, hehe.. TG for his simple pleasures.. his favorite dish happens to be Adobong Sitaw so I’m hoping that would be fairly easy.. (bwahah, but knowing me, I would find a way to complicate things).. hay, good luck sa akin.

System Time:10:59 AM
Grrr. There’s a major glitch in our house-to-be.. turns out the title of the house is named after the mother so she really is the owner and we were only talking to the daughter of the owner.. when we agreed on the terms, we thought we were talking to the person who has the right to negotiate for the house and lot.. now, the mother doesn’t want our terms (500k dp, balance to be paid for 3 years) and wants 1M cash. Like who the f**k has 1M in cash?! Sobra. Eh kung meh 1M cash ako bat ako bibili sa COGEO of all places. Pagniloan naman namen yun, patay kami sa interest. Nakakabaaaaaad trip. Wala naman pala karapatang makipagusap samen yung anak eh bakit siya nagmamarunong. Hmpft. And we really want that house pa naman. We’ve been dreaming of how we would redecorate it and passing by it every night after work. Huhuhuhu. It sucks. Now we’re back to square 1 in our hunt for our home.  Sige, work muna ako..i’m supposed to produce an EXE for testing next week. Bye all!


arevalos said...

hopefully, i'd see you at the expo sis :)

kaso hapon kami andun

and anyway, congrats sa 1st anniversary nyo :) am sure, however way it's spent will be memorable because you and your h2b are the most important elements of what makes things special :)

geWi said...

thanks mec! sana nga makita kita dun, makikilala naman kita eh from the pics of your blog hehe

jane said...

bad trip naman yang kausap nyo sa house.. hinihintay ko pa naman yung pixs ng house nyo =(

anshe said...

hi geri, pano yan? let me know if you want to consider ung house on the hill..Ü ulet.. nde ba madadaan sa pilit ung may-ari?.. or like, tell ung girl na baka pde tulungan ka nya i-convince mom nya.. since sila naman may prob..