Saturday, September 17, 2005

...125 days to go

wedding update coming up!

we haven't been involved in preps for quite some time now, for finding our future home became more of a priority for us.. anyway, i miss the preps, so updating you guys is the next best thing!

1. Nuestra Señora de Gracia, Guadalupe Viejo - fully paid (10k)
2. PSE Auditorium - already paid 10k to reserve, balance will depend on our final contract
3. Swan Catering - total payment of 62250.. balance of 30k(more or less, depends if revise our contract) to be paid before November
4. The Sentimental Groove - fully paid, SOS with sound system (23k)
5. Madje Lejano, HMUA - paid 2k to reserve, balance of 10k
6. Lala of Interplay, Florist - fully paid, 7650
7. Tet Hagape, Bridal and Entourage Gowns - paid 18k, balance is.. siyet i haven't computed, kasama na rin kasi mga gowns nila madir and MIL2B and Tita Ebot..basta mga 15k++
8. Jaime Elizaga (Photo and Video, services only)- no downpayment yet. balance of 21k
9. Judy Uson, wedding cake - fully paid. 13k
10. Wings of Dreams, butterfly release - fully paid. 2300
11. PS gifts - 2k dp, balance of 4300
12. box invites - balance of 535 for painting

did i forget anything else? well.. everyone knows there's the miscellanous gastos that just adds up every lakad. for a grand total of (oh, my) 150,735 pesos.

do i want to add up our balance? hmm. naaaah. wala pa kaming invites mismo (printing), souvenirs, pangs' barong..ano pa ba.. hula ko mga 150k rin siguro ang balance. but i don't want to add it. baka lumagpas, madepress ako. hehe! i'll ask Pangs to do it.

but you know what, still feels great 'cause never in a million years would i have thought that we could afford to get married. TG for that LIPS project. dun kami nakaipon ng todo eh.. (matulog ka ba sa office 3 times a week, diba?)

now, if only we can put up the same money for renovation of our future house. hehe. uy lapit na House, M.D. watch na ako. ay before that, my To Dos:

1. go to Recto, print our invites
2. buy pearl beads for my DIY cord
3. Sentimental Groove's listening session (which postponed na naman! dapat bukas eh! grrrr)
4. 3rd fitting keh Tet on Oct. 1
5. Get my confirmation and baptismal certificate with annotation "for Marriage Purpose" chuva
6. Meet Pangs' Barong supplier
7. magPirmahan na sa Swan (final contract na talaga hehe)
8. talk to our Florist
9. have an entourage dinner (para magkakakilala sila.. sasapukin ko yung lalakeng ayaw lumapit sa partner nya)
10. make a reception program
11. find erlyn's partner (emcee)
12. draft a Misallete
13. go to NSDG to schedule our canonical interview and get the Misalette
14. make the rounds to our Principal sponsors para maabot na ang gifts (different from souvenir, to formally ask them to be your sponsor)
15. shorten this list

ohhhhmyyy haba. and some are really urgent, like the going to the sponsors 'cause we have to know who really is pwede sa aming wedding.. then going to NSDG, la pa kaming schedule.. tapos wala pa pala sa list yung license.. oh well, sa october na lng yun..

cge.. paalam!


harbie said...

hey gewi! just a reminder, sa missalette, check mo yung name ng pope ha. sira kasi yung sa Manila Cathedral, di pa pala updated yung binigay nyang format! buti na lang smart si Fr. Mario. hehehe! ayun lang!

malayo na rin ang preps nyo ah! sana nga pala inuna nyo yung sa sponsors no? pero for sure naman walang tatanggi don eh. heheh! you have to deliver the invites personally pa, with some pasalubong, usually. ewan, tradition na ata eh.

good luck, misis to be! i'm so excited for you! =)

geWi said...

oo nga eh,kaya bumili ako ng abaca photo album for ninongs tas handpainted fans for ninangs.. nabigyan pa lang namin yung 2 bossing namin sa Pramerica hehe..

gosh, so gastos.

aMgiNe said...

at wala pa pala akong partner?!! anggaling naman!!! sige ill give u an ultimatum. if u dont get one by early october, quit na din ako noh! and thats serious. daya!

twistedzero said...

hehehe bakit walang honeymoon?

anshe said...

tp! nag ta-trabaho ka naman db? grabe eh pde na kau pakasal this nov or oct eh! Ü

Ruy and Liv said...

Girl ang lapit lapit niyo na! Sobrang excited ka na ba? ANo feeling? Share naman para sa katulad ko na sobrang matagal pa...huhuhu. Kung may budget lang bukas na bukas din ikakasal na eh. hehehe

arevalos said...

weird no... andaming accomplishments na, pero andaming to-dos pa din :D

ako nga, napagtanto kong we'd have to shell over P200k pa din pala... my gulay...

anyway, lapit na our big day... yey pa rin :D

jane said...

gewi, bengers, kelangan ba talga ng gift pag tatanungin sila kung payag silang maging sponsors? =(

tsaka tsaka? personal.. e layo na namin.. huhuhu..

pede bang fedex na lang.. ahahaha!

rEeYuH said...

uyyy, i like dat...entourage dinner.. i remember my bestfriend's wedding hehe as if kasama sa entourage noh. hehe kaka excite!