Tuesday, September 27, 2005

...sana, sana, sana

Had my interview at.. (okay, sasabihin ko na, since keeping it a secret doesn’t seem to work, I still don’t get the job).. at CAI-STA.. I already had an exam and 3 interviews.. I just need to pass the last interview, who is the US-Team leader.. (god, englishan na naman) I wasn’t sure I was going to pass.. ‘cause I had a couple of boo-boos in my interview.. but this is the one that I really remember (it still haunts me)

Interviewer: what are your plans in the next 5 to 10 years?
Me: I plan to pursue my IT career, and hopefully become an analisisT.   (on my mind: parang, something’s not right.. so I said it again).. an analisiisTTT  (oh siyet) .. analyst! (laughed here) so, sorry
Interviewer: it’s okay

Hehe. There were also times when my mind would space out, but luckily I was still able to say the “Expected” answer

Interviewer: if your colleagues would describe you in one word, what would that be?
Me: (on my mind…  cool!  Lol!)  ahmm..  dependable (oha)

Hehehe. Sanaaaaaaaaa matanggap ako! Just 1 last interview to go. I’m getting excited ‘cause on my last interview, she was already telling me to research on Remedy, the tool that we’ll be using. (whatever that is) sanaaaaaaaaaa matanggap ako para hindi na ako contractual, may leaves na ako, bonuses, benefits, ay meh income tax na rin pala  (*focuses on the leaves*) .. at least ndi na ako delinquent taxpayer. Hehe. Saaaaaanaaaaaaaaaaa!

I feel that it’s my lucky day today ‘cause I got the call this morning that I have another interview at 3 p.m.  edi isip na naman ako, waaah, ano na naman ang ipapaalam ko, eh kahapon nawala na rin ako ng 1 ½ oras dahil sa interview.. tapos buti na lang, meh meeting nga pala ang IT dept ng 2pm.. edi alis ako ng 2:30pm.. nakabalik ako ng 3:15.. tamang-tama, pagkaupo ko, after 10 minutes, dumating na ang IT! Yehey!

Onga pala, when I was about to go down the elevator, guess who I bumped at sa lobby ng CAI-STA? Si roni macaroni, kabarkada ko sa ISM (UST).. lol! Tinawagan din daw siya.. I thought for a sec there that she would be my partner in the project because my interviewer said that my partner’s name is “Roni” hehehe. Pero taga-BPI daw dati kaya hindi pala si Roni (sayang! Saya sana nun, dba!? Lol!)

Anyway, ayun. Sana matanggap!! Babay!


Anonymous said...

go pangs go!

ilove you! >:D<

harbie said...

good luck gewi! sayang nga, kung kayo ni TP magkasama don, para lang kayong nagti-thesis. hehehe!

ayos yung blunder mo ah, pero wala pa rin atang tatalo sa blunder ko nung wedding ni roni. nyahahaha! *hiya* dapat di ka na nagsorry, malay mo di nya napansin. hehehe! ;-P

aMgiNe said...

good luck gewi!! good thing u're not applying in a call center. hehe =P ey ung partner ko ha im serious ill quit if i dont have a partner come oct first!

jane said...


go gewi! go gewi! go! go! go! go! =D

yakang yaka yan! ;)