Tuesday, September 30, 2003

System Time: 2:19 PM

*drumroll pls*

i got it!!!!!!! i'm the one chosen by prumericaaa! hihihi *hapi hapi* ..actually, i already knew this morning but i wanted Ma'am Q to personally tell me before i broadcast it to everyone lol..

*dances ala spageti*

makati girl ulit ako!! lol! ndi na ako mamimili ng shuttle na bababa ng EDSA! yahoo! lol! longer sleeping time in the shuttle! hurrah! super kewl building! yeheyyyyyyyy!!

though that job IS on-call.. *ahhh erase-erase nothing can ruin my mood*

/me focuses on the building.. lol! yeheyyyyyyyyy Enterprise here i come!

System Time: 2:42 PM
..am now trying to recall all the stuff i said that i could do.. LOl! .. gaah.. hafto have a sort of refresher course for C++ and Delphi.. hmm.. magiinternet na nga lng ako..

System Time: 2:43 PM

System Time: 3:45 PM
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! bukas na pala start! wahhhhh! *biglang nalungkot* kainish!

System Time: 5:42 PM
chet. ayaw magprint ng Timesheet ko. hmpft. anywayz.. am excited/nervous for tomorrow.. will post this blog.. babay!

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