Thursday, September 04, 2003

am now squatting at Sir Reivi's PC.. it's on Linux.. so i'm kinda getting a hands-own tutorial.. very kewl.. have also been learning PHP and mySQL.. don't have a new project yet so i'm finding ways to keep myself busy here at work.. have created a simple PHP page.. has all the usual functions.. add, edit , delete records in my database.. astig hihihi.. i'm reading a tutorial in .. some sample codes wouldn't work so i had to ask Sir R for help to debug it.. now it's working!.. *hapi*

i haven't seen momi for like 3 days! matagal na yun hehe.. anywayz, will be seeing him later.. the sun's out again and that's very good news cause it's the rain that's keeping us apart.. (naks LOL! read: takot ako sa ulan haha) i miss him already.

good thing Sir R has a CD-ROM.. (actually, it's a DVD-ROM RWcombo) .. at least i've got some music to keep me company.. brought some of Ate Chary's CDs.. am currently listening to John Mayer, Your body is a wonderland.. part of the 2003 Grammy Nominees Album.. before this, i was listening to Incubus (Morning View) but i think it's pretty loud already for my other officemates.. Sir R has speakers (can't find my damn earphones) so i hafto take into consideration my seatmates' listening preferences hehe..

will meet momi later! (ay.. sinabi ko na pala yun hihihi) .. sorry, am just excited.. tagal ng uwian! lol!

ei, ate Gay lent me yesterday her "Aerobic Revolution" ps2 game so that i could test it for her and tell her if it's any good.. her dance-pad buying decision will depend on my feedback hehe.. tried it last night and it was sooooooooooo fun.. was sweating my pants off after 5 songs.. the game's made by Konami, the same maker of the Dans Dans Revolution games..after you have completed a stage, it'll inform you how many calories you have burned.. when i found out i burned 190 calories i decided to stop and keep my precious calories in my body lol! but i really enjoyed myself.. (better than the stupid Britney spears ps2 game i have) will hafto find one for myself.. at first i didn't know what button to click 'cause everything's in Japanese.. but after a few wrong clicks i finally found the "Dans Dans Revolution" part.. the songs are longer so it's really a good exercise.. i could only play the "4-star" songs.. 5+ songs are waay above my level.. i could only stare at the arrows rushing in my monitor in those songs, lol..

..have watched the first part of Bad Boys 2 the other night.. "first part" cause i slept through the rest of it.. not that it's boring.. but i was lying in my bed while watching it and i was so tired from work so i fell asleep after about an hour of the movie..

ei Sir R's here.. will blog you later!


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